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Places to see in Sindhudurg 2

Places to see in Sindhudurg

While Mumbai is identified as the city abuzz with a thriving nightlife and a constant accelerated life due to heavy commuting, not far from the buzz is a peaceful respite – an islet in...

karde_beach_konkan 50

Karde beach near Dapoli on the Konkan coast

Sometime last year, after immersing the Ganesha idol (post Ganesh Chaturthi)  into some dirty makeshift water tank in Magapartta, i decided that the following year, i would immerse the idol only into the sea....

murud_beach_konkan 4

Sunrise on Murud Beach

Spent a great weekend on the konkan coast covering Murud, Kashid and Akshi. We got up early just to catch the sunrise from the Murud beach. Sunrise, while on the western coast, is great...