Thokarwadi Dam – the best waterfall road trip near Pune

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  1. Rahul says:

    We visited this place y’day, we couldn’t complete the circle though.

    We went to Khandi, took right there and travelled around 10 kms. At one place we came across a small waterfall (to our left) from which water was pouring in at such a speed that it was very scary. As it was very foggy, we couldn’t see things which were even 10 feet away while driving. As a result, we decided to turn back from there.

    On net too there is no map given to complete this circle. Can someone please shed some light on the other route to come back to Pune from Khandi?

  2. as discussed on email, i will try to find that second waterfall too 🙂

  3. thanks, will try that circuit

  4. Kunal says:

    We visited this place last weekend. I would recommend crossing Khandi and completing the entire circle. It will take around 4 hours with regular photography brakes. Entire road is on good condition. There is a hotel call ‘Mohite Farms’ if someone want to spend the night.

  5. Kavitha says:

    Hi, I follow your blog regularly and I have been some of the scenic destinations around Pune, thanks to you. I have been there to this waterfall over the long wknf last week. the drive is extremely scenic as you said and we thouroughly enjoyed the first waterfall. It was open and the lady charged us 100 bucks per person.

    But I am a little confused about the second waterfall, not sure if what we have seen is the same that you have posted in your photos. After turning left from the board that had a waterfall and food option, we did reach a house. But from there, walk was through paddy fields, not through the plain valley like seen in your photos (your wife holding an umbrella and walking) and there was a difficult climb up to reach the base of the waterfall. Can you pls guide on how we identify the second waterfall? Distance from first one and any landmark?

  6. Baburao Bussari says:

    Thanks Rajaram….. Very nice article …Nice place to visit with family…. I went on 07.08.2017…..No rain but water falls are good with Clear water……roads are good…. for food those people are arranging Maharastrian food…..nice one…..thanks…. Keep posting this type of places….

  7. thanks. Yeah, heard abt the stairs one. It seems that the owners are short of funds to maintain it.

  8. Atima says:

    Thanks Rajaram for writing this blog and letting us know such a beautiful driving place around Pune. We visited this place last weekend. We were very excited to visit the fall (the one with stairs) but the access to it is closed. We went ahead till Khandi and the drive was awesome.

  9. Anup Kothurkar says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Nice Informative article. I am planning to visit this place. Can you suggest any Home stay options over there..

  10. amrita says:

    Superb articles. Very helpful in exploring places. Great job. Thanks.

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