Thokarwadi Dam – the best waterfall road trip near Pune

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  1. Shweta Banu says:

    A really thrilling place that is calm and lively too. It one of the best waterfall I have ever seen. I had a a lot of fun at this place last weekend.

  2. Wow, everything related to Pune, Thanks for this Pune special website. I am bookmarking your site.
    I would love to explore places near Pune on my motorcycle this year.

  3. Suhasini says:

    Water will be available if we plan this weekend rite? can you please confirm?

  4. hari ohm says:

    Awesome writeup. Can we go there on an enfield?

  5. of course. When i was there, there were 2 bus loads of students!

  6. Hi Vidhya,
    No particular landmark. There is only one narrow road on which you will be driving.
    So, there is no way you can miss this (on your left). I will do a google image search. If i find it, will send across the location.

  7. Vidhya says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Any particular landmark or name for that private waterfall with steps.

  8. sunil says:


    Can we take Tempo traveller on this route?

  9. Sharad Sathe says:

    This is excellent place to visit , especially during Mansoon. There is refreshing Greenery all around , and one enjoys water falls all around . Most of them on left side of road. , as you move towards Khand. We have visited this place two three times ., but for some reason or other could not do so in mansoon. Your vivid narration , coupled with photos and clips have given us that missing experience. The lake you mention , is called ANDRA LAKE .( many people pronounce as “Andhra Lake ) but has no relation to state Andhra. Near KHAND , the water is taken down through pipes , to Tata Power Station at Bhivpuri.. During one, of our trips , we, had encircled the lake , having peripheral journey of @ 60 km. As you rightly mentioned , the road on other side was bad , but we could make through by our Maruti Van. It is truly a un prostituted place ( I may use this term, if it is not offending), because so far it is not spoilt by rowdy tourist. I do not understand why people crowd places like Lonavala Khandala, when such a place is there in near vicinity from Pune. I have been 75+ now, and have some limitations on long drives ., but you presentation made my , missing thrill of Mansoon , and water falls. Nice article , and I always eagerly await your travel inputs.

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