Weekend Trip to Diveagar Beach

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  1. there are no organised water sports stalls there. but in the mornings, you get lot of options e.g. banana boat, jet ski etc.
    In the evenings, u get parasailing options.

  2. Anmol says:

    Hi raja,

    Seems you are an avid traveler, can you suggest how are the arrangements of water sports in Deveagar Beach.

    Anmol Nanda

  3. kalyani says:

    Hi as per ur blog recommendation doing booking for maitreya beach resort at Dive agar. Can u help me like my son is 5yrs old so what r the activities at night over there. Like u r been there couple of times that’s why iam asking u..

  4. Saurabh says:

    Hi, I went to Goa from Pune couple of weeks back and took the usual Pune Satara Bangalore Highway , then Amboli route which finally meets NH17 , found the transfer from Bangalore Highway to Mumbai Goa highway pretty time taking and cumbersome, total jounrey was 9 hours one side. Was looking to find alternative routes since then. In the above post you mentioned going through NH17/Expressway to reach the beach , I am planning to take that route to reach Mumbai Goa highway via Lonavala expressway and then proceeding to Goa on that highway , any comments , suggestions ?

  5. Rajaram S says:

    Any season is good. July/August will be great, but u have to be a bit careful if you plan to swim as the water will be rough. But then in the mornings/evenings, it is great.

  6. Dinesh says:

    Hi ,
    can u suggest that ,in which season it is suitable. i will be plan for in july or august.
    Will you please help me out

  7. Rajaram S says:

    If u google for maitreya beach resorts diveagar, you will get the
    link to their website. They have their contact num there.
    In Diveagar, there are no beach resorts ON the beach. Maybe thats why
    the beach is much cleaner. But, there are resorts which are a bit
    closer to the beach (I dont have their names though). If u r looking
    for a resort on the beach, then Karde beach (check my post on that) is
    also a good option as all the resorts are ON the beach, just cross the
    road and u have the beach.
    U have to pre-book any resort, otherwise it is a pain in terms of time
    and money.

    It taks around 4.5 hrs to go to diveagar thru tamhini. Road thru
    tamhini is ok. If u have old people with u, then it might be a

  8. Gaurav says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Can you share the contact details of Maitreya Beach Resorts ? Was there any resort which was just on the beach rather than 10 mins walk away ?

    Also, did you pre-booked the resort or booked it right there.

    btw, how much time it took you to reach Diveagar from Pune and how was the road condition ?

    Thanks a lot,



    I can imagine you all enjoying the trip. Made me envious, so to say! Pics were great and Kutty Akshara was wonderful in those colorful dresses.

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