Bird watching at Bhigwan – famous for flamingos

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13 Responses

  1. Stop posting such things this may help few but this will pull more crowd to the places and that day is not far when these places will become picnic spot and plastic everywhere.

    No offence but we need to be very careful about such things. Leave places like this on referral basis. So if you really love the nature and birds , you will get to know from one of the nature lover.

    Again sorry it is not about .. I mean no dis-respect to you or your efforts.

    It just making it social is not right.

    –Nature Friend

  2. Dnayneshwar Somase says:

    Wonderful Photography & snaps !
    Would like to visit one time there.

  3. rohini says:

    Visited this place today 27/jan/2014. Had an awesome experience and thank you for this informative post, it was of grt help to go to the exact spot where we could spot the flamingos. Sandeep is a very knowledgeable guide. A must visit for all bird lovers.

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