Bird watching at Bhigwan – famous for flamingos

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  1. Late Jan-Early feb is the best time

  2. prabha joshi says:

    a –green bee eater

    b-dab chick–pandubi


    d-painted stork
    h-opened bill stork
    k-pond heron
    p-cattle egret
    t drango

  3. Ram says:

    I want to go there but I don’t know what is the exact month for arriving of bird.please tell me so I can plan for that month.

  4. Very well written article, I visited this place after reading this blog post.
    Please check the my link for birds photos –

  5. Pushkar Godse says:

    A) Green bee water
    T) fork tailed drongo
    Q) Kingfisher
    R) black tailed godwit
    F) Egret
    S) sea gull
    G) Heron

  6. Elvis Furtado says:

    First off, good article, was like revisiting Bhigwan again…

    And here are the bird names that I am familiar with.
    A – Green bee eater, K – pond heron, G – I think is a grey heron, 0 – Grey Heron, Q – White breasted Kingfisher or Common Kingfisher, R- Marsh Sandpiper, S – Sea gull, T – Black Drongo or King Crow, note the cut in his tail…

    E, F,H,I and P are all egrets, its a bit tricky to distinguish Median from Large, Little or Cattle…

    If you look at my Bhigwan album on my FB Page, you can see some of these birds in them, also the Bhandup Pumping station album, where I saw Green Bee Eater for the first time.

    Also some are at

  7. A – Blue throated Bee eater
    D – Painted Stork and Glossy Ibis
    E and H – Little Egret
    G and O – Grey Heron
    Q – White throated Kingfisher
    R – definitely a sandpiper, but not sure which type.
    T – black drongo

  8. Aarti Gupta says:

    c is a wooly necked stork.

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