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Unless you are the kind who jets off to Disneyland and Universal studios for the weekend, there is no reason why you should give this park a miss. It seems that the Yashwantrao Park in Sahakarnagar has had these exhibits for over a year now and surprisingly, the first time i came to know about it was sometime last week when i saw a photo in the newspaper.

wonder of the world 4d show pune

Most of the modern tourist cities have a mini-world exhibit as they always attract tourists who want to experience all the sights in one place. It’s good that Pune has joined this list too, albeit on a smaller scale. But, the effort which has gone into the exhibits is definitely not on a small scale. The miniature structures are not half-done paper mash one, but very realistic ones made of metal/fiber. According to reports, designer Nitin Desai and Pune based architect Mahesh Nampurkar were involved in its making.

wonder of the world 4d show pune

Location of the park: The park is located in Sahakarnagar, close to swargate. The entry is free for the park. A landmark is the Rajiv Gandhi Academy of e-Learning which is bang-opposite the park. But few things to note: Every second park, even those just few square metres big, is named Yashwantrao Chavan Park. In the quest for this park, i was led to 2 other parks of the same name. Also, asking directions by mentioning Wonder of the world, Statue of liberty, Eiffel Tower doesn’t help much! Directions to the park from Magarpatta City are given below:

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The park has the following exhibits: Eiffel Tower (a big one!), statue of liberty, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Stonehenge, Taj Mahal and the pyramids. The park closes for the afternoon and opens at 4pm. The evening light is awesome for photography.

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

Of course, the exhibits are such that you can quench your thirst for the typical family-in-front photo or the cliched Pisa tower photo.

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

But this is not all. There is a 4d show within the park. You have to buy a ticket of 20 Rupees (per person) for this show. The park is free to enter though. I have been to many 4d shows and this is as good as any of the good ones. Considering the price, it is awesome. The show is 5 mins long and there are three of them – Count Dracula, Aladdin and Alice in wonderland which are shown in rotation over the days. Anyone > 3 yrs can go inside the theatre. It has got all te 4d elements – the spray of water, real bubbles floating around and the moving platform. Note: if you decide to keep your kind on your lap, they don’t give the extra 3d glasses for your kid.

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

wonder of the world 4d show pune

There are also a few cartoon exhibits, the kind where you put your face in the space and get a photo taken. Btw, does anyone know what the tree (shown below) is?

wonder of the world 4d show pune

But, all is not well. The PMC has done a great effort in getting this all up, but it will all go to waste if not taken care properly. It is good that the entrance is free as it gives an opportunity to all, irrespective of their economic status, to have a look. But it leads to a problem, the problem of plenty. The crowd is too big to control and there is just one guard , constantly blowing on his whistle, in an effort to get the kids off the exhibits.

What needs to be done…

  1. Put a small barricade around each exhibit such that it doesn’t hinder the view, but prevents people from climbing onto the exhibits
  2. Put information boards for all exhibits in Marathi, Hindi and English. it doesn’t help anyone if they come and just see “some buildings”. In fact, i saw an adult explaining to the kids, pointing at the tower of Pisa: “Kids, this is the eiffel tower and it is in America”. You have done most of the hard work, just get some explanatory boards near the exhibits”
  3. Have a guided tour of the exhibits. There is LOT of info that can be shared with kids on these wonders

On the whole, a good place to spend an evening.

written by Rajaram S

30 Responses to “Wonders of the world and 4d show at Yashwantrao Park”

  1. 1. Arunkumar Payyaram Says:


    Actually trying to visit this place, not able to locate the same on Google Maps. Is there any specific location, that needs to be mentioned in google maps.

    Thanks & Regards –

    Arunkumar Payyaram

  2. 2. Rajaram S Says:

    i have given the location in the map on the post. search for yashwantrao chavan park, sahakarnagar and you should find it.

  3. 3. Anupama Puneeth Says:

    Seems like a small wonderland for the kids ! Enjoyed the pics of Akshara :)

  4. 4. Pranav Says:

    It was a nice experience visiting the garden. Thanks for sharing this place.

  5. 5. Prachee Datar Says:

    Thank you for this post. It is a very good place to visit with kids. Just wanted to give info about the timings of the park. The park is open from 6 to 9 in the morning and 4 to 8 in the evening.

  6. 6. Kaustubh Bhogale Says:

    The scientific name of the tree is Couroupita guianensis. Most commonly called as Cannonball tree (due to its brown cannon-ball-like fruit).

    There are two of them on either side at the entrance of Kamala Nehru Park (KNP) in Pune near Prabhat Road, Deccan Gymkhana.

  7. 7. shruti Says:

    This park is named as 7 wonders of world.. i had been there.. its a nice place :)

  8. 8. Ravindra Nerpawar Says:

    I visited this Garden it was interesting and nice to see good job done by PMC.
    This is located near Swargate and land mark can be Mitra Mandal chowck.
    4 D show was also good.. over all a must see for every one .. starying in Pune..

  9. 9. Aditya Says:

    Gr8 Information. I liked your webpages very much. Keep sharing !

  10. 10. nithi Says:

    Thanks for sharing the post.
    Its nice pictures to see. Last year visited with my family.
    Thank you,

  11. 11. Raj Says:

    Thanks, This was very helpfull. I was looking for quite some time for some help to know the places near by Pune where I can visit with my kid.
    Overall the site have lot of information.

  12. 12. alok Says:

    What is the timings of this park?

  13. 13. Rajaram S Says:

    closed in the afternoon. Open from 4 pm onwards. Similarly open until 12 noon from around 10 in the morning

  14. 14. Ramya Says:

    awesome thanks for the info…

  15. 15. sharmi Says:

    Can u please tell me whether the 4D show is available on weekdays also?
    if yes please telll me the timings also.
    Last time i visited it on weekend and now planning to visit again

  16. 16. Rajaram S Says:

    The show is available on all days including weekends.
    Weekends, the queue would be extremely long. one of my friends waited 1 hr in the queue for his turn.
    The show is for 15 mins. Every show can accommodate around 30 people.

  17. 17. Rajesh Says:

    Rajaram Sir,
    Don’t miss Musical Fountain Laser show at Bagul Udyan Sahakar Nagar , which is nearer to Yashwantrao Chavan Park.
    Another good location is Talajai Hill & Pachgaon Parvati reserved forest behind Talajai Temple. You can drive till Talajai Devi Temple by 4,2 wheeler. Very good tar road is available to reach the top.

  18. 18. Vishwanath Kulkarni Says:

    Can you send me detail address or map?

  19. 19. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi, the location is marked on the map in the post

  20. 20. Shrikant Mandlik Says:

    नमस्कार राजाराम सेतुरामन
    7 वंडर पार्कची फोटोसहीत माहिती दिल्या बददल धन्यवाद
    मला 4D show नक्की बघायचाय!

    ॥ जय श्री राम ॥

  21. 21. mahadevan Says:

    is the seven wonders still at the park. some inform it is shifted to new place. is this information right

  22. 22. Abhi Says:

    Hi Raja,

    Thanks for the info, its great article with precise info.
    Keep it up.

  23. 23. Subodh Borgaonkar Says:

    Hi there, can somebody confirm if all the above things are still there in the park? Has somebody visited this park in the last 2-3 weeks? Since I stay in Kothrud, just thought to confirm before planning a visit on coming weekend … Thanks!

  24. 24. Sanjiv Says:

    Wow.. it looks amazing.. didn’t know there is something like this in Pune.. will plan to visit very soon with kids.. they will love it for sure. Thanks Rajaram for all the useful info.

  25. 25. Mohit gupta Says:

    After reading the post here I went to this place.It’s awesome.
    Thank you admin for guiding, through this website.
    Good job !!! :)

  26. 26. shukra Says:

    Please confirm address & Land mark Show timing Please Send

  27. 27. Rajesh Says:

    Are the 7 wonders still there in the park or it’s moved to new location?

  28. 28. Rajaram S Says:

    Lot of ppl are asking similar questions. Does anyone know whether it has moved?
    if i drive by this place, i will check this.

  29. 29. Aparna G Says:

    Just visited the park yesterday. The 7 wonders are still there :)

    There is one more park named Aaba Bagul Udyan which has good musical fountain and laser show.

  30. 30. Rakesh Narayan Says:

    Very Nice place though bit crowded.
    Just to mention here that Now there is ENTREY FEE of Rs.20.00 per person. Child upto 03 yrs is free.
    Most of the People are not aware of YASHWANTRAO Park and gave us the wrong Directions.

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