Jejuri Khandoba Temple near Sasvad

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  1. Kavita says:

    Hi, that was a beautiful article. We are arranging a documentary shoot in Jejuri temple. Are we allowed to take cameras inside?

  2. Rajaram S says:

    replied on email

  3. Sahil patre says:

    Hey u have an awesome blog
    If u know scenic spots near pune for photography in this seasom please let me know
    I hv come to pune for a month and pursuing photography
    Please let me know

  4. Rajaram S says:

    its not much. Many old ppl go there regularly.

  5. sanjeet says:

    How many steps are there?
    Any short way for climbing??? Because for older peoples.

  6. rajesh kumar says:

    khandoba shiv temple is verynice temple. i also want to come in future.

  7. vrunda says:

    Hello please let me know. If a person is having problem and not able to climb stairs then is there any alternate source to go up.its very urgent.its our kuldaivat and my mom wanted to go there .she never had been there more than one time.she has knee problem.please let me know.awaiting 4 ur reply. thanx

  8. Pankaj P says:


    One day trip (Balaji/Narayanpur/Jejuri/Morgaon/Baneshwar):

    1. Start early from Pune….(around 7 AM)
    2. Visit Baneshwar(1 to 2 kms from Nasarapur Phata), spend around an hour (around 30 Kms from pune), nice old temple, garden, waterfalls (rainy season only)
    3. Visit balaji temple (around an hour)
    4. Head towards saswad, visit Narayantput datta temple.
    5. Visit Jejury (2 to 3 hours)
    6. Visit Morgaon Ganapati Temple (around 15 to 20 KMS from Jejury)

    By evening/night you will be in pune…


  9. Rajaram S says:

    Manisha, you can visit Sangameshwar temple (close to the exit from sasvad).

  10. manisha padhi says:

    hey rajaram!! u have an awesome blog!!!… planning 4 a one day trip wid elders to naraynpur balaji… i don hav a personal vehicle.. will buk a personal cab!!! can u pls suggest if i can see any other religious places nearby .. pls help as it s a one day trip!!

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