Ramdara temple near Loni Kalbhor village

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  1. Makarand Mohole says:

    Good photography has enclosed with information …. this is really wonderful spot and most important that ..it is very near to Pune. within day or so I will plan to be there with family to have a pleasant experience .

  2. Rajaram S says:

    no. there is a small pond though.

  3. pooja says:

    hi.. is there waterfall??

  4. VIJAY DONGRE says:

    Simply Great ,i would vill like to REPLICATE IT for our KUL-DAIVAT TEMPLE that we are planning ……….BHAVANI BHUTESHWAR TEMPLE at PALSHET

  5. SatParkash says:

    Thanks Rajaram for sharing information about this location. We went their cycling this Saturday and it was really as wonderful as mentioned by you

  6. Aniket Barve says:

    Thank you for such a great informative website. I am planning for one day trip to this place. Is this place surrounded by water & such lush greenery even in winter (Dec) ?

    Thank you for guidance.

  7. Rajaram S says:

    You can have lunch at any dhabha on Solapur road.

  8. Mayur Bhave says:

    We are planning for a one day picnic for a group of 25 people. We want to go to this place and also visit Theur. Where can we have our Lunch? Do we have to carry our Lunch and eat near Ramdara Temple? Or can we get Lunch in some Hotel/Resort? Thanks.

  9. Suresh shendge says:

    Its really a awesome spiritual place, every one should visite if posible.

  10. ganesh n.shinde says:

    I love this place.& im veri happy

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