Dec 19

If you have an hour or two to spare and want to go for a short drive, then a visit to Ramdara temple would fit perfectly. We were at the newly opened Kumar Pacific mall and finished at around 4.30 pm. I had been mentioning about Ramdara for quite some time and since we had a few hrs in the day left, we decided to go. We were back in Pune by around 6.30 pm. A short and sweet drive!

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

Ramdara Temple is an old temple with idols of many deities. The main shrine is that of Shiva, but the statue is famous for the idols of Ram, Lakshman and Sita. Next to the temple is also an ashram of Shri Devipuri Maharaj also known as Dhundi baba. The temple also has am impressive Nandi. There is a small pond next to the temple. The location of the temple along with the abundance of trees in the vicinity makes this place very calm and beautiful.

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

How to go to Ramdara Temple from Pune (Magarpatta): Ramdara temple is around 20 kms from magarpatta city. Go on the Solapur Highway (towards Solapur), cross Hadapsar, proceed towards Manjiri. Once you cross the toll gate, you will cross a bridge. Just after the bridge, you should see two boards (on the left of the road) pointing to the right, one having “Loni Kalbhor” and the other “Ramdara Mandir”. Take this turn, proceed into the village for around half a km, take the first right in the chowk and this road goes directly to the temple (and nowhere else!). The landscape changes a lot within this 7 km and the latter part is kms of emptiness on either side of the road. You don’t see temple until the last minute as it is hidden within few hills and the last turn will take you to a big parking lot covered by trees.

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Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

The temple as such is very colourful and the right light will make it enjoyable to take photographs. The trees in the area (as there are no other trees in the vicinity) attract lot of birds. On the whole, a relaxed drive to a beautiful place.

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

Ramdara temple Loni Kalbhor Village

written by Rajaram Sethuraman

22 Responses to “Ramdara temple near Loni Kalbhor village”

  1. 1. Anupama Puneeth Says:

    nice one rajaram…seems like an easy escape from city hustle-bustle.

  2. 2. yogini Says:

    I liked your photography skill

    its seems that ur very good photograph :) u know what to catch in camera which will reflect on others.

    For example every day we see Shanivarwada but it totally look different in your snaps???/

    bocz u have taken from differnet view captured very nicely

  3. 3. Milind Deshpande Ratanjankar (Pune) Says:

    I like spot as picnic very nice & as well as your photography

  4. 4. Milind Deshpande Says:

    so nice
    best spot for 1 day trip

  5. 5. Ritesh Says:

    Nice one. Just 1 question – you mentioned ram mandir is also there. Are there any Mango trees over there.. Your reply will be helpful..

  6. 6. Rajaram S Says:

    Not Sure Ritesh, i am not good in identifying trees, i just photograph well-shaped ones :-)

  7. 7. Jitender Says:

    This is very spritual place on earth. I love this place.
    If you are some problems in life do visit this place. you problem will vanish.

  8. 8. Raju Says:

    Dhondi Baba the actual baba of this Shrine was very powerful. He could predict your future and suggest remidies also if you had any problem.

  9. 9. Rahul Says:

    This place is very good. Is there public transport like share auto, city buses to reach there?

  10. 10. Rajaram S Says:

    yes, there are buses to Loni Kalbhor. From there, share autos would be available.

  11. 11. ganesh n.shinde Says:

    I love this place.& im veri happy

  12. 12. Suresh shendge Says:

    Its really a awesome spiritual place, every one should visite if posible.

  13. 13. Mayur Bhave Says:

    We are planning for a one day picnic for a group of 25 people. We want to go to this place and also visit Theur. Where can we have our Lunch? Do we have to carry our Lunch and eat near Ramdara Temple? Or can we get Lunch in some Hotel/Resort? Thanks.

  14. 14. Rajaram S Says:

    You can have lunch at any dhabha on Solapur road.

  15. 15. Aniket Barve Says:

    Thank you for such a great informative website. I am planning for one day trip to this place. Is this place surrounded by water & such lush greenery even in winter (Dec) ?

    Thank you for guidance.

  16. 16. SatParkash Says:

    Thanks Rajaram for sharing information about this location. We went their cycling this Saturday and it was really as wonderful as mentioned by you

  17. 17. VIJAY DONGRE Says:

    Simply Great ,i would vill like to REPLICATE IT for our KUL-DAIVAT TEMPLE that we are planning ……….BHAVANI BHUTESHWAR TEMPLE at PALSHET

  18. 18. pooja Says:

    hi.. is there waterfall??

  19. 19. Rajaram S Says:

    no. there is a small pond though.

  20. 20. Makarand Mohole Says:

    Good photography has enclosed with information …. this is really wonderful spot and most important that is very near to Pune. within day or so I will plan to be there with family to have a pleasant experience .

  21. 21. Nilesh Talikhede Says:

    No doubt it is very nice place for one day outing. But please be careful of sankes. We saw two snakes in 2 hours.

  22. 22. Akshay and Aditi Says:

    An awesome place to visit for one day picnic, This place is an hour about from Pune which gives peace and pleasure to mind and sole both. We enjoyed a lot. Should definitely visit at least once.

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