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Sometime last year, after immersing the Ganesha idol (post Ganesh Chaturthi)  into some dirty makeshift water tank in Magapartta, i decided that the following year, i would immerse the idol only into the sea. Fast forward to 2011, Ganesh Chaturthi was done with and Lord Ganesha was waiting for his meeting with the sea. It did take some time (few months!), but it did happen. Well, the nearest beaches from Pune are on the Konkan coast. On every trip to the Konkan, i have made deliberate attempts to go further south. So, this time, for us and Ganesha, Karde Beach was chosen as the place to go.

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach is a non-descript beach to the north of Dapoli. If you are looking for a nice, clean beach without the maddening crowds, then this is a good option. The waters are calm, the sand clean and the beach is quite long too. You can do parasailing/ATV in the evenings and boat rides for dolphin watching are available in the mornings.

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

How to go to Karde Beach from Pune (from Magarpatta): Cross the ghats either through Tamhini, Varandha or Mahabaleshwar, reach NH17, cross it, drive to Dapoli. Karde is around 9 kms north of it. More Details: Check the map below. There are multiple ways of reaching Dapoli. There are shorter internal routes once you cross NH 17 (Goa highway), but many are pretty deserted and it would be difficult to get any help if needed. So, it is better to stick to NH17-> Khed -> Dapoli -> Karde, rather than try to reach Karde through Mandangad. Regd crossing the ghats, your choice depends on multiple factors like familiarity/time available and interest. Pune to NH17 through Varandha is the fastest. Both Varandha and Tamhini are very scenic in the monsoon, but varandha is more deserted. If you are travelling in the late evening, go for the Mahabaleshwar route, though the descend into NH17 through the Poladpur Ghat is a bit tedious and long (again, very scenic in the proper season). The last 2 kms from Dapoli to Karde are through kuchcha road and the vehicle can take quite a beating, but there is a ST bus on this route too!

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On the konkan side, it is fanciful to name hotels such as beach-side, on-the-beach, sea-view etc, but more often than not, the sea view is from the terrace on the 4th floor! But, in Karde, every hotel is on the beach because, they cannot be anywhere else. There is one kuchcha road passing next to the beach and this is the only road in this area. So, all hotels are right there. The arrow in the image below shows the hotel where we stayed –> Hotel Seaface, 1000 bucks a night with a great balcony facing the sea.

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

We went to the beach in the evening as well as in the morning. It was a cloudy day so the golden light during dawn/dusk was absent. But it was fun with Akshara bravely (bravely, because she had refused on all the previous trips to the beach) getting into the water and playing with Hari.

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

But then, we had come here with a purpose, a holy purpose! Our first attempt at getting the kids to immerse the Ganesha was washed away, literally, by a wave! Then, a small search for the missing Ganesha was done and we found him, wet but still in one piece. Then Vidhya went a bit further inside and did the holy immersion.

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Places to see near Karde: If you go a little to the north, you will reach the fishing village of Harnai. This place is famous for the fish auction which happens twice a day. Also, there are three forts/structures next to each other worth a visit along with the suvarnadurga island fort.

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Driving further north will take you to Anjarle. The Anjarle Ganesh temple is noteworthy for the Ganesha idol with the trunk turned the other way. There is a long bridge connecting Harnai and Anjarle which makes for a good viewpoint. To avoid going through the extremely narrow streets of Anjarle, you can take the bypass (MSH4 – scroll a bit in the map below). The views of the coast are amazing from this road.

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Karde beach konkan Dapoli

Karde beach konkan Dapoli

written by Rajaram S

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  1. 1. Anupama Puneeth Says:

    Loved the post Rajaram ! Lord ganesha must have loved it too ;-)

  2. 2. R.Ramakrishnan Says:

    Good beaches are hard to come by these days and one really has to travel far distances. Nice pics. Looks like you & family had a great time in the sea.The trip appears to have served double purpose-immersing Ganesha and having oodles of fun !

  3. 3. Hariharan Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Again inspired by you !! After reading your post on Purandar Fort, I also went there last week … Thanks for all the information … Please do visit if you get time …

    Thanks !

  4. 4. pradeep Says:

    Amazing posts as always

    Keep writting Rajaram

  5. 5. anoo Says:

    we r getting a lot of information about the beautiful places.Went to khas plateau after reading ur post and i enjoyed heartfully. Thanks alot.

  6. 6. krishna Says:

    Hi what is contact phone number of Hotel Sea Face.

  7. 7. Rajaram S Says:

    Contact number of Seaface karde: 08390020792

  8. 8. Arpita Solanki Says:

    plz give me a free pass to visit their i love to visit there but there is very big danger

    problem related TSUNAMI ;-)

  9. 9. Satish Says:

    Let me thank you Rajaram first of all. The post is extremely well written and helpful.
    I love beaches and if they are clean, less-crowded then you feel you are in heaven.

    Thanks again!

  10. 10. js Says:

    Dont you feel polluting God given seas with man made idols is going to do any good for our future generations and the environment. We already made our precious rivers into sewage canals and now the seas are becoming the target. Disgusting. Educated people should take not of this.

  11. 11. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi JS, FYI, it was not the usual POP Ganesha idol, but the traditional one made of mud. So, no pollution, i guess…

  12. 12. Rohitash Says:

    Dear Rajaram,
    you write very well. Your reviews are a great help as I travel a lot. I wish i could write so nicely.
    Keep doing the good work and Thank you once again.

  13. 13. Ackrity Says:

    hey im looking for planning a weekend trip to a beach place….what will be the closest from pune and the best option???also hot to reach there and things to do…kindly suggest…

  14. 14. Rajaram S Says:

    Kashid is the closest “good” beach. Alibaug is closer, but the beach is not that clean.

  15. 15. Jaydeep Says:

    Please send me details of Holiday Packages for 3 – 5 days

  16. 16. Ravindra Says:

    I visited this place in month of April its awesome. Good and clean beach. We started from Pune–> Thamini–>Dapoli–>Harne Beach –> Karde Beach–>Ladghar Beach–>Dapoli–>Thamini –>Pune.

    Drive early to Dapoli from Tamhini Ghat
    Dapoli to Harane beach ( Distance –10 Km ) ( See Fish Market )
    Come to Karde Beach Hotel Name :-
    Enjoy evening on Beach
    Stay at Karde Beach

    Morning Bath on beach
    Dolphin Safari at Karde beach
    Go to Ladghar (Distance –10 Km) Hotel Name :-
    Games at Ladghar – Paragliding , Beach Motor racing
    Dinner ( Moon light walk/ sleep on beach)

    Start to Pune ( Dapoli  Tamhini Ghat Pune)

  17. 17. Tanushree B Says:

    Hi Rajaram,I just loved ur desciption…I was imagining it all thru.Can you please provide me the exact duration of stay to visid dapoli-Karde beach and sight seeing so that I can take my parents along with me from Pune and can accordingly arrange other things like transport etc.
    Thank You for all help.

  18. 18. Rajaram S Says:

    winter/early in the year is good

  19. 19. Sangram Deshmukh Says:

    Very Good & nice description from now we are also planning to go at karde your information is very good it is help for tour

  20. 20. MNP Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Very well written and photographed and described details. Very helpful. How many day stay is okay. We dont have a vehicle, so how do we commute?
    What are the attaractions nearby? Is the dolphin show closeby?
    M Paul

  21. 21. Rajaram S Says:

    State transport buses reach until Karde, so not having a vehicle is not a problem. A weekend stay is good enough. It is not a dolphin show, but a trip into the sea to watch dolphins. If that is your primary interest, do call up and check as this is a seasonal thing.

  22. 22. Ashish Says:

    Hi Rajaram….

    I want to visit places as Karde Beach and Pradakshina Marg…Can you convey me the S.T. availibility for these route as I don’t own any vehicle.. Waiting for your reply..

  23. 23. Rajaram S Says:

    Ashish, you can take any bus going to Dapoli (for karde) and to Diveagar (for harihareshwar).

  24. 24. Sandeep Kundekar Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Very well written information. I will be there in next 2 weeks and your information will play a vital role in it. Thanks again.


    Sandeep Kundekar.

  25. 25. Himanshu Says:

    Hi Rajaram

    I stay in Amanora near Magarpatta and was planning to visit a beach on Sunday. Wish to move back home same evening. As I am very new to Pune, can you please guide me with place to place route to visit Karde and how long will it take to reach driving so that can plan accordingly


  26. 26. Rajaram S Says:

    mailed to you. Karde is not an one day trip. Kashid would be a better option for that.

  27. 27. Himanshu Says:

    Thanks for a quick response Rajaram.

    Got your mail !

  28. 28. Abhishek Says:

    Your posts are very motivting even though I am new to Pune I am planning to go there. I stay in Hadapsar pune and was planning to visit this karde can you please guide me with place to place route to visit Karde and how long will it take to reach driving so that can plan accordingly,

  29. 29. konkanhotel Says:

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information. I am looking forward to know more beautiful places from you.

  30. 30. Dilip W Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    I am planning to go to Karde beach on 4th Jan 2013. I heard the tamini ghat route is very bad. Do you have any idea how to go Karde beach through mahabaleshwar route? or suggest me if there are any other better route.

    Dilip W

  31. 31. Rajaram S Says:

    Dilip, very bad is a relative term. I almost always choose tamhini and it is ok. another option it to choose varandha, faster but the roads are equally bad.
    Mahabaleshwar is the best option as the roads are the best. Also, you can stopver for a meal at mahab.
    from pune, go to mahab thru NH4, then continue on to the other side (you will see signs for Dapoli. The ghat is called the Poladpur ghat and is very beautiful with good roads. once u reach goa highway, turn left (south) and go to khed where you turn right for dapoli/khed.

  32. 32. Manan Desai Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    I saw your post and seems to be very good place. We are planning to visit Karde beach in last week of february. We have two days so can you please give me suggestion on two days trip ?

    We want to go to Karde , any other place or hill station we can cover in two days ? Most probably we will start from pune on Saturday afternoon on 23rd Feb and will plan to come back on 25th Feb , Monday , afternoon. can you please suggest good 2 day trip. I am planning to go with my friends….


  33. 33. Dnyanesh Says:

    Excellent pictures. Keep posting!

  34. 34. KKS Says:

    I was searching for a train and found a railway station by name KARAD (KRD) in IRCTC. is this same place as Karde beach? any info will be helpful, thanks.

  35. 35. Rajaram S Says:

    nope, that is an entirely different station. the closest “big” place is Dapoli.

  36. 36. Mani Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Very nicely explained. I also live in Magarapatta and planning to go to this beach in April. Details you provided will be great input for us.


  37. 37. MSREDDY Says:

    Hi Mr.Rajaram, we got a lot of information about the beautiful places.we went to khas plateau after reading ur post and iwe enjoyed heartfully. Thanks alot.
    Guide me for dapoli trip.planing to go there on Nevember 1 st week.

  38. 38. jayant bindu Says:

    Hi , we are planing to go to beaches near dapoli . need resort on beach with lots of trees in resort and also resort on beach with ac. pls suggest

  39. 39. Srinee Says:

    I’m a keen traveller to weekend destinations. Been to almost all places within 100 kms from Pune. Accidently came across your website a year ago, which helped me in covering these places. This Diwali vacation i intend to venture into coastal areas, though i have already covered alibaug, khihim, murud janjeera. Inspired by your script, planning to visit Karde. The problem is, once we start our journey my daughter will refuse to come home in less than 3 days. So looking forward for your suggestions for a 3 day trip. We will be travelling by car. Thanks

  40. 40. Srinee Says:

    Forgot to mention. Since my trip is sponsored (actually reimbursable) i cannot stay in multiple hotels. Request you to suggest one location, where I can stay and enjoy the beaches at various locations. Thanks again.

  41. 41. Abhi Says:


    Post is very informative and i would now like to visit this place. Planning in december (25 till 29) will it be a good time to visit??

  42. 42. Rajaram S Says:

    Yes, winter is a good time.

  43. 43. Sreejith Says:

    Hi, Can anyone please share any contact for Dolpin ride organisers in Harnai.

  44. 44. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email. Your resort would help or else just go over to the beach before 7 am, there would be lot of guys.

  45. 45. Anuja Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Thanks for this informative post !!
    Im planning to visit Karde/Harne beach on weekends. Can you please let me know which beach have facility for dolphin ride


  46. 46. kuki Says:

    Im planning to go tomorrow itself wd a friend. I want to go for the dolphin ride, snorkelling and scuba diving. Could u help me with the details of who conduct the activities. Plus economic n gud hotels. Also the routes. Thank u so much

  47. 47. Sumit Raina Says:

    Dear All,

    I would like to suggest all the nature lovers to visit Karde Beach at least once in a lifetime. It’s a very calm, peaceful as well as clear beach. It was really awesome feeling to be there. Sea Face Resort is really a heaven to be there.

    Sumit Raina

  48. 48. karan kadam Says:

    ake no. beach hai bhai log
    u should visit thr

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