Kanifnath temple near Saswad

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27 Responses

  1. Swapnil Shinde says:

    Very Nice Navnath Bhaktisar Web side Information Thank U,
    Alakh Niranjan

  2. tushar says:

    must visit temple

  3. vishal kalbhor says:

    aadesh the name it self is enough to tell nath baba there is a square or window to get entrance in the main temple where samadhi is situated the wondering thing even the fattiest person goes inside temple with head facing towards samadhi and return the same way head towards samadhi just u have to be crossed the window and crawl its just mind touching movement and it is also said that nath baba visits each and every bhakt in lifetime and also visits the girl who is been married from bopgaon to rest of maharashtra as my mother self is from bopgaon so i know and has been experienced the same |||||||JYACHI ASTE SHRADDHA URI TYASI DISE KANIFA MURARI|||||||||||||||

  4. Nayan says:

    Thanks for very informative blog. Being a Nath Panthi myself, I have problem with such traditions as “only men are allowed”, “no shirt allowed” and “your foot should not point other way” etc. These are all man made rules! When will humans understand that God and Self Realized Souls such as the great Kanifnath are beyond human rules? No hard feelings please!

  5. Nilesh Vasant Mhaske says:

    Nilesh Mhaske-Raigad —–every one must visit this temple with family

  6. Kalyan says:


    Please let me know the navnath temples and their locations in india.

    I am desperate to visit the navnath temples.

    Please help me on this.



  7. Vishal Tank says:

    Alakh Niranjan Adesh……………………..

    Jai Shree navnathaya

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