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A short drive (30 kms) away from the city brings you to a temple on top of a small hillock. A short drive, a good ghat section and something unique in this temple make this a very good option for 2-3 hr break from the city.

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Shri Kanifnath Maharaj was one of nine teachers in the Navnath Sampradaya, a Hindu Parampara who believe that Rishi Dattatreya, an incarnation of the Holy trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to be its first teacher (Source: Bhatakanti). This temple is dedicated to him.

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

How to go to Kanifnath Temple from Pune (magarpatta city): There are two ways to go from Magarpatta. Either go to Saswad and then to Kanifnath (slightly longer) or go through Kondhwa Road (beautiful ghat section in the middle). The map shows the second option which i think is the easier and the more scenic option. Go towards Big Bazaar. Take the left after the one next to Big Bazaar. This is the Prince of Wales Drive. In the next major junction, turn left to go on Kondhwa road. After this keep going straight for few kms. You would come to a junction where the left goes towards Saswad, the right goes to the highway and the straight goes into the hills. Keep going straight. If you are unsure, ask for Bopdev ghat, dont ask for Saswad. People will direct you to the Saswad road if you ask for Saswad though the Bopdev ghat road also goes to Saswad. After the ghat, you will see a big board for Kanifnath on the left and then it is a straight road to the top of the hill. One of the landmarks could be the plane-shaped water tank we saw on the way!

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Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Once on the top, you get a beautiful view of Pune city. You have to climb around 20-30 steps to reach the temple from the parking or take your vehicle on the road (bad road) to the right of the parking to reach the back of the temple.

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

The unique thing about this temple is that the main shrine is in a closed room and only men are allowed to enter it. It is not just walking through a door! There is a small opening, probably a little more than a foot in either direction through which you (only men and topless too!)have to crawl into and also come back the same way as you are not supposed to point your foot towards the shrine. No photos were allowed so i dont have any, but it was interesting watching people of all sizes and shapes get into the shrine. Plan your trip such that you reach the temple around sunset as the evening light is just great on the temple as there are no other hills around. We did the usual stuff, lot of photographs , chai-bhel at the shops outside and we were back to Pune within a few hours. Hari and Akshara also had a separate photograph session on their own. Check out those photos here.

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

Kanifnath Temple near Saswad

written by Rajaram S

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  1. 1. girish Says:

    i like navnath

  2. 2. Dinesh Says:

    Very nice and informative post. I want to visit this place and find this blog very useful.

    Thanks and keep writing.

  3. 3. jay Says:

    thanx dear

  4. 4. Shrikant Chincholkar Says:

    The main samadhi temple of “SHRI KANIFNATH MAHARAJ” is in Ahmednagar Dist. From Ahmednagar, It is on A’nagar to Pathardi road just 50km from A’nagar village named as ‘MADHI’ there u can see the main ‘SANJEEVANI SAMADHI’ of SHRI KANIFNATH MAHARAJ. If any one wants more information about KANIFNATH or NAVNATH MAHARAJ, Can come on below address Address – SHRI DEVENDRANATH SEVA SHISHYA MANDAL “‘SHRI DEVENDRANATH MATHI’” BESIDE SINCHAN BHAVAN, NEAR MANORAMA MANGAL KARYALAY, KHADDA GARAGE, 18,MANGALWAR PETH, PUNE : 411011. CELL NO : 09370385585 (SHRIKANT) JAI SADGURU SHRI DEVENDRA NATH……..AADESH…AADESH…AADESH!!!

  5. 5. jagannath Says:

    Adesh —–every one must visit this temple with family

  6. 6. jagannath Says:

    ‘jai kanifnath’ – thank you for such beautiful surrounding,clean,plants,nature ,

  7. 7. vishal Says:

    pls once in panvel there are many temples of kanifnath maharaj pls contact on my cell no for the same.9821143021

  8. 8. Milind Ruikar Says:

    It was one of the Major holy place for hindus nearby pune city , every hindu has to visit atleast once to know “Navnath’s Sampradaya”.

    Many many thnks for spreading awareness @ Hindu holy places !! keep it up !!

  9. 9. Govind Kota Says:

    Thanks and keep writing.

  10. 10. Tejas Says:

    Hi, we are planning a visit to this place this summer but will be going from mumbai. Can you let me know the train &/or bus routes to Kanifnath Temple?

  11. 11. Rajaram S Says:

    take a bus to Sasvad. From there, an auto should take you to kanifnath.

  12. 12. Tejas Says:

    Thanks! Will update you once we’ve been der…
    Must say a beautiful site… inspiring and helpful too…

  13. 13. jolly Says:

    thanks alot for sharing.

  14. 14. Tushar Patil Says:

    Hi Friends & Gentleman

    If you want to move at Lord Kanifnath temple , will show some details :

    From Mumbai :
    Mumbai to Pune : by bus at Swar-get bus stand

    From Swar-get bus stand to Kanifnath temple : direct bus

    MB :

  15. 15. sushil Says:

    how can we go by bus from vyara to kanifnath temple dev madhi ?

  16. 16. shankar muttalmani Says:

    a beautifull place i had been here earlier and place to visit again

  17. 17. dhananjay Says:

    khupch chan aahe

  18. 18. M Says:

    Every SUNDAY, there is ST bus @ 9:45 AM/10 AM from Swargate bus depot to Kanifnath temple. It reaches @ 11:45 AM at the temple, 12 PM starts the aarati and mahaprasad, then the bus travels back around 12:30PM from the temple. Note it goes back to Saswad only this time. One way fare is below 50 Rs.
    Better to go by own vehicle if you want to spend more time there. Though road is not much in good condition and the Kanifnath Ghat should be travelled a bit cautiously.

  19. 19. Dilip Pangarkar Says:

    I have visited Kanifnath Deity number of times during various monsoons and every time found new refreshing and enchanting experience due to green nature and tranquility around the deity.

  20. 20. Jayant Kulkarni Says:

    i am very happy to see this site for Kanifnath Maharaj… every thursday i will come here by last 20years… i wish every one wants visit here atlist one time…

  21. 21. Vishal Tank Says:

    Alakh Niranjan Adesh……………………..

    Jai Shree navnathaya

  22. 22. Kalyan Says:


    Please let me know the navnath temples and their locations in india.

    I am desperate to visit the navnath temples.

    Please help me on this.



  23. 23. Nilesh Vasant Mhaske Says:

    Nilesh Mhaske-Raigad —–every one must visit this temple with family

  24. 24. Nayan Says:

    Thanks for very informative blog. Being a Nath Panthi myself, I have problem with such traditions as “only men are allowed”, “no shirt allowed” and “your foot should not point other way” etc. These are all man made rules! When will humans understand that God and Self Realized Souls such as the great Kanifnath are beyond human rules? No hard feelings please!

  25. 25. vishal kalbhor Says:

    aadesh the name it self is enough to tell nath baba there is a square or window to get entrance in the main temple where samadhi is situated the wondering thing even the fattiest person goes inside temple with head facing towards samadhi and return the same way head towards samadhi just u have to be crossed the window and crawl its just mind touching movement and it is also said that nath baba visits each and every bhakt in lifetime and also visits the girl who is been married from bopgaon to rest of maharashtra as my mother self is from bopgaon so i know and has been experienced the same |||||||JYACHI ASTE SHRADDHA URI TYASI DISE KANIFA MURARI|||||||||||||||

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