Neelkanteshwar temple between Panshet and Khadakwasla

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  1. S S says:

    Thanks for the detailed inputs. Really helpful.
    1) We are planning a trip here on Saturday (25May) late afternoon to evening time….will it be bad time/season to visit?
    2) The photo of the ARCH that you have included indicates that the temple is in the straight direction ( .
    However, in your article you mention to take right. (“As you go along this road, you will see an arch on the right (click here to see the Arch’s photo). You have to take the right and climb up the hill.”) Just confirming which direction should be taken at the arch (go straight or take right?)

  2. Bhaskar says:

    Update as on 27 DEC 2016 – Road between 1st parking and 2nd parking is very good except for around 500m stretch in between. So please take your car to 2nd parking.

    Uphill climb from 2nd parking to top of mountain is very steep with loose rocks, it took us around 1 h to reach top as we were getting exhausted in between. Please do not plan with a small baby. Also please take at least 2 litre of water with some eatables.

  3. December will actually be a good time as it will be pleasant throughout the day. The lavasa-temghar road is traditionally an offroad, but manageable in non monsoon months

  4. SS says:

    1) Is this place OK to visit it in winters (December 2015)?
    2) After this temple, I want to continue to Lavasa using the “Lavasa-Temghar Road” Any info about the road condition in recent times?


  5. vijay says:

    nice pics !!! … definitely visit once

  6. Raghu g says:

    Good man… nice photos uploaded..

  7. Rahul says:

    I humbly request you to remove this post. The place is heaven and people will surely ruin it in no time.

  8. hari says:

    Thalaiva, mikka nanri.

    Keeping you as an inspiration, I have started this year’s travels with a trip to this temple.
    Whan an awesome temple.

    The directions were spot on.

    Happy travelling.

  9. Sa ku says:

    Went there today, directions were perfect. However had to trek up from the 2nd parking lot. Full family enjoyed, awesome website !!

  10. Mani says:

    I have visited in october .. not much worth to visit
    Their is steep climb ( from second parking) of around 1kms which will totally leave you exhausted & the statues etc.. not much as worth viewing as it is depicted in photographs( sorry to say that, but thats i feel)
    I guess in mansoon, it would be more hard as the climb would be even more muddy & defintely not worth visiting in Mansoon with family..Cannot say this for friends group

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