Karla Caves near Lonavala

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  1. you can take shared autos

  2. Akhil says:

    how to reach karla caves from lonavala railway station? bus is there?

  3. Rajaram S says:

    replied on email. Jan/Feb is ok for Karla. Also, there are lot of shops on the way to the top which make it an interesting climb

  4. Prabhu says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Your blogs are crisp and extremely informative. I’m planning to visit Karla caves with few office colleagues this weekend (Feb 1st). My question is, how it would be during this time of the year? will it be very hot? any mandatory things to carry? Thanks in advance.

    -Prabhu K.

  5. Karthik Natarajan says:

    I won’t be having a vehicle there, so please guide me how to tour Lonavala, Khandala & these two caves. Any facility of tour buses from karla? & ideally, how many days should it take to see all these places? Thanks in advance!

  6. Nitin says:

    Hi, how is MTDC’s resort situated at Karla. Any suggestions of hotels for good tasty, hygienic food around Karla / Bhaje?
    Thank you.

  7. Sayali says:

    thanks for the pictorial information

  8. Raghavendra Jha says:

    thanks for the info……

  9. Rajaram S says:

    replied on mail

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