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Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Update(Sep 04, 2013) The flowers are blooming! It is the perfect time to visit Kaas. A bit early this year, probably due to the erratic rainfall. If you can, plan top visit on a weekday unless you want to see as many people as there are flowers!

Update(Aug 2012): The procedure for visiting Kas has changed and it is a BIG change. You have to pre-register yourself on a website. Only 2000 people per day would be allowed to visit the place. This is very good for the place, but not good for the visitors. There are many other ways this could have been done, but i am happy that at least something is being done. The website is You have to give your details along with the number of people with you. Then you have to pay 10 rupees per person, bank details are given. But, the assumption that everyone wanting to visit Kaas would have internet access and would be able to pay online is far-fetched. Natural attractions are the sole entertainment options for those who cannot afford the expense of the man-made ones!

UPDATE (03 July 2012): Today’s TOI front page has a photo of Kaas Plateau against the headline “39 sites in western ghats get World heritage status” – article by Dipannita Das. The caption with the photo says “Kaas plateau is in full bloom”. This is misleading. It should have been “Kaas Plateau in full bloom”. This is because it is not the season now for the flowers to bloom in Kaas. The flowering season starts just AFTER the monsoon. But then, Kaas during the monsoon is no less beautiful. So, you can still go for a wonderful drive to Kaas.

UPDATE (Oct 2011): They don’t allow you to park your vehicle on the road at the stretch where the flowers are usually blooming. Instead, you have the following options: 1) Park a few kms earlier and take a government bus to get dropped off in the main stretch 2) Drive a little ahead (saying that you are going to Bamnoli) and park at the junction where the main road becomes a one-way stretch from Bamnoli. The second option is a walk for only a km. 3. Drive to Bamnoli through a 7 km kuchcha stretch and then come back on the main road. This will allow the option of dropping off kids/elders on the main stretch and allow you/driver to continue on to the parking area. When i enquired about these regulations, the policeman said that these are enforced only on weekends. So, if you have the time on a weekday, you will have the place to yourself.


I normally don’t return to any particular place before few months because i always feel that i can use that time to see some other new place. But, i have been to the Kaas/Kas Plateau three times in the past months. Such is the beauty of this area. The first two times, i went during the monsoon and the eerieness of this place was awesome. The third trip was more focussed, to catch the wildflowers in this area which bloom only for a short period of 2-3 weeks every year just after the monsoon. So, if you are reading this around the end of sep/start of Oct (the usual flowering season), GO THERE!

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

How to go to Kaas Plateau from Pune (Magarpatta): Go towards Katraj to catch the NH4 towards Satara. Cross the mahabaleshwar exit and go beyond for another 30-35 kms when you will see a junction with the exit to Satara on the right. Go inside Satara, cross the junction with the eiffel tower, keep going left. Then when you start seeing the mountains straight ahead, you will come to a fork , where you will see a tunnel on the left. The road on the left through the tunnel goes to Thoseghar waterfalls and Chalkewadi windmill farms. To go to Kaas, you have to take the road on the right. This road steadily climbs and reaches a plateau. After driving for around 15-20 kilometres, you will come to a wide plateau where you should endless patches of colour of either side of the road. This is the main area for the wild flowers. Though this road is not visible on Google Maps, it is a pretty good road and any car can go until the end of the road at Bamnoli Village.

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

We reached the plateau at around 1 pm, which was definitely not the right time for photographs. So, we finished our lunch and then went until Bamnoli, wandered around and returned a couple of hours later. On the way to Bamnoli, there were some huge patches of yellow flowers against the background of green hiils. On the more popular area, you just have a flatland of flowers.

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Akshara had lot of fun roaming around the flower patches. It took a while to get her to sit next to a patch of flowers for a photograph. But, once that happened, she sat (more towards falling!) down next to each and every flower and waited for me to photograph her. The best patches were the purple ones. From a distance, they looked like huge carpets.

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

I had been there on the day of Visarjan (immersion of ganesh Statues). Many had advised me not to venture out on this day as one could easily get stuck in traffic, but the situation was exactly the opposite. The times in and out of Pune city were the best on that day. Probably every one else thought about the traffic and stayed indoors. But, there were quite a lot of people on the plateau incluing many armed with big lenses and tripods!

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

My earlier two trips to Kaas were in the midst of the monsoons and this place looked entirely different, a wet green colour and full of mist. It was extremely windy on both the occassions we went and it was difficult (for me and fun for Akshara) to get her to pose for a photo with her umbrella.

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

There were lot of cattle grazing in the area and Akshara wanted to get close to each one of them. With the slope on either side, it was difficult to catch up with her and the cows!

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

On our first trip, we were probably the only ones on the plateau as it was a rainy day and the whole plateau was covered in mist. We drove in the direction of Bamnoli, but after a while, the visibility was just too less for me to keep on driving. Akshara also got an opportunity to pose with a lamb, but she was all enthu’d until the moment the lamb also got enthu’d and got too close for her comfort.

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

On the trip during the monsoons, we took the route from Satara to Mahabaleshwar through Medha village and kanheri dam. This was one of the best routes i had driven on in terms of the number and the size of the waterfalls seen. The advantage of this route is that it goes through a valley and slowly climbs into Mahabaleshwar and because of this you get to see all the waterfalls on the both the cliffs to the side.

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

Kaas/Kas Plateau - Valley of flowers

A very long post, but such a beautiful place deserves one :-)


written by Rajaram S

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  1. 1. Radhika Says:

    Awesome place! Great pictures… Thanks Rajaram for the upload.

  2. 2. Riyaz Mohammed Says:

    Hi Raja,
    Excellent Snaps and WOW place… i always wait for your blogs and then definetly do visit those places.. But this weekend me off to GOA.. Any blog or any links for me for reference? And any updates for Oct-2010????

  3. 3. Atul Says:

    Beautiful snaps and wonderful place. Thanks a ton! I really liked the place. Wanted to know if December a good time to visit Kaas Plateau? Will we be able to see the flowers and water scenery in Dec given the extended monsoons we had this year? Would appreciate your advise. Thanks.

  4. 4. Rajaram S Says:

    The place as such is scenic in the winter too. But you wouldn’t find the flowers and the waterfalls.
    The flowers make an appearance only for 2-3 weeks just after the monsoon.
    The monsoons took a break around mid-sept and the flowers were in full bloom.

  5. 5. shriram Says:

    Dude .. must see place….

  6. 6. Komal Says:

    Thanks for such a lively description and beautiful pictures… Its a big help!

  7. 7. dr sandeep shrotri Says:

    dear nature lover,
    i had written a book in english and marathi on KAAS -PLATEAU.
    dr sandeep shrotri
    satara 9822058583

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    awesomely composed…

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    Nice pics….. specially snaps of that small Angel are nice…..

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    Oh My My…Must watch place…This September hopefully, I must visit this place. Thank you so much for sharing these interesting Info…for a long time i was wondering whether there is anything worthwhile to visit around Mumbai…and I’ve got my answer.

  11. 11. Mala Says:

    Dear Mr,
    Really mind blowing and excellent capture. Kudos to u.

  12. 12. Nitin Says:

    Hello Rajaram,

    very nice posts… thanks for them.

    Just have one question, I am from Pune and planning a weekend gateway with my wife and 2 years old daughter.

    Planning for over night trip and was thinking of covering, Thoseghar waterfalls, Kas Plateau and lake and may be Mahabaleshwar. Can u guide me what should i visit to fully utilize my two days.


  13. 13. ravikant mittal Says:

    can we visit there this weekend….in mansoon season?

  14. 14. Rajaram S Says:

    it is good to visit in the monsoons too. i was there last weekend. But, there are no flowers there now. Lots of greenery and mist ..makes an interesting drive.

  15. 15. Vinita Says:

    I would be visiting this place in September. Wanted to know if their is a guide available for this place who could help us in identifying the flora and fauna.

  16. 16. Swati Mishra Says:

    Hi… Is there any place at Satara to stay where we an take our pets with us???


  17. 17. santy(dubai) Says:

    almosy like swarglok…..the only thing required here is apsara ….by the way good snaps.
    hey friends u have choosen the rite destination for trip…..

  18. 18. Rajaram S Says:

    Sorry Swati, I am not aware of any such specific place. Most of the hotels should allow though

  19. 19. Vijay Bhaskar Says:


    Many thanks for sharing such wonderful info along with the pics. Of all, your little princess photos are too good. Very cute!!! Thanks.

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    i was searching for the exact month for planning to visit kas. during the search i came across your info and the beautiful photos .thank u very much for sharing the very useful info regarding the season, the route and all other things.

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    Very beautiful snaps !!!

  23. 23. Nitin Shevante Says:

    Hi, is this right time to visit kaas, when will b flowers season starting?

  24. 24. Sunil Patil Says:


    Many thanks for sharing wonderful information and beautiful snaps. I am planning to go there on Aug 27 to Aug 29 is it right time ?

  25. 25. Rajaram S Says:

    Sunil, End August is too early for the flowers. The pattern is approximately as follows : End of Monsoons (rains) + two weeks gap. Then, for around 2-3 weeks, the main flowering happens. Mid-Sep is the best bet.

  26. 26. Rajaram S Says:

    Nitin, the flowering season is best around mid-sep. Again, this depends on the monsoon cycle. Basically, it is 2-3 weeks after the monsoon ends.

  27. 27. Sunil Patil Says:

    Thanks Rajaram.

  28. 28. Shipra Says:

    Hey, great pictures. Amazing place, thanx for introducing a new place for short trips.

  29. 29. S.Vijaynath Says:

    Dear Sir,I saw all the photos.Kaas plateau seems to be really amazing.I am tempted to visit the place with my family.I have planned the visit for 14th/15th Aug’11.Can you pl.let me know if the flowers there are in full bloom now.Pl.also let me know if there is any hotel nearby where we can rest for a while with lunch/snacks.thanks.With regards.S.Vijaynath.

  30. 30. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi..guess it’s late to reply now. Anyway, the flowering season is “after the monsoons” i.e. around mid-september.

  31. 31. GANESH Says:

    Is Augaust is suitable month to visit KAAS?

  32. 32. Meghana Says:

    Amazingly beautiful place…nice pictures..!! would love to visit during this season..!!
    Can you help me out with the information about any group or organisation which arrange a short trip to KAAS starting from pune..?

  33. 33. Rajaram S Says:

    check out any of the trekking grps from pune or Mumbai. They usually organise a Kaas trip during september.

  34. 34. Vilas Wakale Says:

    Looking forward to visit this beautiful place in Mid / End of Sept.
    Just read in last week’s newspaper (Sakaal) that the flower blooming season is not yet started due to heavy rains..

    If anybody visited the place, please let us know the situation.



  35. 35. Vinit Agnihotri Says:


    Thanks for the handful of information. Loved your daughter her presence in those lovely flowers pours life in those pictures. Can’t wait to take my daughter there.

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    HI Bro,
    Nice pictures, really felt in love of the place, planning to go in the weekend of last week of Sept or in 1st or 2nd week of October, which one will be the best one to go so that the flowers will be ate their best blooming days.
    Swapnil Kadam

  39. 39. Prats Says:

    Hi Fossil,

    How was your trip to Kaas. Were any flowers in bloom or are there any chances of them blooming this week. I am planning a trip on 17th.


  40. 40. Rajaram S Says: is anyone’s guess as it depends on the monsoon cycle. Best way is to look our for reports in the paper. I will also update when i get the info.

  41. 41. indu raghavan Says:

    hello rajaram,
    was amazed seeing the pics of trip to kaas.we also would like to visit in the coming weekend.will we be fortunate to see the floweres in full reply

  42. 42. Rajaram S Says:

    i think that this weekend is still early for the flowers..maybe the next weekend or the one after that.

  43. 43. T J Says:

    I too plan to go there this weekend. Should I postpone my visit or go this 17th ?

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    Hi Rajaram,
    It was a pleasure reading about your trip to Kaas. i am looking forward to making a trip to this heavenly place soon.

  45. 45. Jannat Says:

    Hi i am planning to go next wknd. would like to know if i should visit in the evening hours before the sun goes down…will it be too hot at noon and afternoon time?

  46. 46. Rajaram S Says:

    it may not be too hot in the afternoon considering the current weather, but early morning and the evenings are the most pleasant and also the best times for photography.

  47. 47. Nandan Tavanandi Says:

    Must be a beautiful place. Wanting to visit this place for long. Only now the time has come. Can you please suggest if any specific time of the day is better suited or could be any time morning, afternoon or evening?
    Nandan, Mumbai

  48. 48. Rajaram S Says:

    Morning and evenings are the best times, particularly if you are interested in photographing the flowers.

  49. 49. Anil Vasantrao Rawalekar Says:

    Very Nice Photography, Beautiful. Enjoy the Nature! But Care the Nature!! Save the Nature!!! Good Good Good… (Anil From SATARA City)

  50. 50. Archana Says:

    Very Nice vally .Pictires are nice but didnot like people entering the beds of flowers as you spoil some of them by standing on them lying on it and taking snaps.Gov. should ristrict entry to the cars and vehicles as it will be hazardous to nature.otherwise nice pics

  51. 51. Milind Says:

    Quite pleasant experience to view these lovely photoes. Actually I have been there over last 2 Sept Ends and enjoyed the scennic place including boat ride at Bamnoli.

    Lucky that I went through all your photoes which has inspired me to definitely go there during onset of monsoon. Wouldn’t had thought of it as everyone targets basically end Sept to see flowers. Thanks Rajaram S. for lovely photos with nice and easy write up.

    Lol to little Akshata

  52. 52. Atul Says:

    Awesome pictures and the whole post…

  53. 53. Vijaya Says:

    Lovely Photographs. Thanks for introducing this little known heaven .. I have added it to my must visit places along with the valley of flowers in uttarakhand. Your daughter is very sweet… Best wishes

  54. 54. Edwin Says:

    Good Pictures and good place, how do one travel from Mumbai. How would it be during 24th Oct 2011 to 29th Oct 2011 this year.

  55. 55. Rajaram S Says:

    The season for the flowers would be over by then. The latest visit should have been by the first weekend in Oct.

  56. 56. raju kalaskar Says:

    kass is a hevan in satara

  57. 57. amandeep arora Says:

    i am planning to travel there on 22nd oct would it be there since it has rained heavily this week..plz revert..

  58. 58. Ramesh Says:

    kaas, kash jar chance milala tar, Pratham ithech visit dyavishi watate.

  59. 59. Rajaram S Says:

    amandeep..any time is good for kaas..but oct 22nd is a bit too late for the flowers.

  60. 60. jigisha Says:

    actually my brother is coming here with his family on 31st oct…will be good to go there in 1st week of nov…or can you suggest something else…we are new in pune…just completed one year in this oct…pl reply

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    Pics are a feast to the eyes. Too good to see your daughter among those flowers as yet another flower. Surely visit next year. I guess, it is already late this year.

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    Happened to scan the photos, too good!!! Waiting for a live experience. Has anybody visited last week, 15th to 21st Oct. Whether 24th Oct hold any chance of flowers?

  64. 64. Shivram Says:

    We are planning to go Kaas this weekend…That is November…would we be able to see the flowers in full bloom?

  65. 65. Rajaram S Says:

    nope, no flowers now ..the flowering season is only from mid-sep to early oct ..but still Kaas is worth a visit, it is a beautiful place.

  66. 66. Rakesh Bainalwar Says:

    what is a best time to visit kass (Vally of flowers)
    how to go kass from karad in satara district?

  67. 67. Rajaram S Says:

    Rakesh, the best time is in mid-Sep.

  68. 68. sheetal shinde Says:

    Nice clicks .What is the right time to go here?

  69. 69. Rajaram S Says:

    2-3 weeks after the monsoon , usually mid-sep

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    This Is The Amazing World Heritage Place For Picnic ..

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    Hi Rajaram,

    Amazing website. Thanks for sharing information in such a nice format! :)

    My family is looking for a weekend gateway during summer. Can you pleas suggest any such places?


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    Eager to visit this place..

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    Went there 2 years back

    Some of my collection…

  80. 80. Ritesh Says:

    pls send the details for kaas lake near farms haouse or resort add. or contact

  81. 81. kashmira Says:

    how much time is approximately required to reach kaas valley from pune. can it be done in one day?

  82. 82. Rajaram S Says:

    It takes around 2.5 hrs from Pune. Yes, it can be done in a day. If you plan ahead and get a place to stay in Satara, you can do multiple trips to Kaas (just 15 mins from satara) to see the flowers at various times of the day.
    Btw, this is not the season for the flowers. The flowers are there ONLY for 2-3 weeks starting 2-3 weeks after the monsoon ends. But, Kaas at any time of the year is beautiful. During the monsoon rains, it is ethereal with the valley on either sides , the greenery and the ever persistent mist.

  83. 83. Vasanth Raj B.K. Says:


    A good informative article regarding Kaas flowers with photos.

  84. 84. Nitin Says:

    HI Rajaram,

    Can you tell me the road condition from Pune to Kaas plateau? I am kind of new driver and bit hesitant to drive on slopes (uphill). Please tell if the road to Kaas is steep or slightly slope.

  85. 85. Rajaram S Says:

    not an issue at all is a plateau and u drive on the, nothing of the curvy ghat kind

  86. 86. chandrakant Says:

    This is realy very good place to visit,i want to know which is the best time to visit kas pathar

  87. 87. Rajaram S Says:

    two weeks after the monsoon ends

  88. 88. Narinder Tandon Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    my mother in law was pestering me to go yo kaas plateau now.
    thanks to your advice will go in sept. she loves flowers and would b disap ponted if she did not get to see the flowers. thanks a ton for your valuable post. and happy snapping :-)

  89. 89. Deepak Karhadkar Says:

    Dear Raja,

    Thanks for the extensive coverage on Kass Plateau and Bamnoli.

    I am planning a family trip this September 2012.

    Thanks again.

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    Very nice photos and information .
    bhandardara in sept is also very good

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    Thanx for sharing your experience and pics, I am so exited to go to Kaas. we are planning ot go to vally of flowers from a long time but could not make it happen, But am sure that this flower vally is really make my dream come true.
    A flower lover,

  92. 92. MAHENDRA Says:

    i like to visit this place next weekend. can you tell me the places neareby where can i visit in two days with my wife. how to go to this place from mumbai? where i have to stay there? can i get hire car/vehicle from there to visit those places/ please guide.

  93. 93. pragya Says:

    Hi, i am planning to visit in the first week of august. will it be a good time to visit? and how do i reach from mumbai? and can you also suggest a place to stay?

  94. 94. Rajaram S Says:

    First week of August is not the time for the flower, though the “wet” greenery would be awesome. Satara is the closest city to stay in.

  95. 95. Sapana Says:

    Hi….can you please help me out…as our family is planning to visit there at the last week of September…and as per the news ..We first have to register the names of the visitors ….on website.

    So please let me know what is this exactly? & how can we complete that procedure? & on which website?

    and also would like to ask if suppose we have not registered..then we can’t see the place…is the registration compulsory.

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

  96. 96. Rajaram S Says:

    I will check and update.

  97. 97. Tejashree Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Can you please help me too for this?

  98. 98. Nidhi Says:

    We at office were planning for a outing to ghaas plateau in 1st week of august.
    Do u knw any nice resort or place near that for eating. ITs a one day picnic.

  99. 99. Rajaram S Says:

    Nidhi, Satara would be the base for Kaas village. There are a lot of eateries in Satara.

  100. 100. Abhishekh Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    I am planning to go to Madhe Ghat and kaas plateau from Pune .Do u have any idea on how do i cover both of these places in a single trip.

    I want to goto Kaas first in the morning and then Madhe ghat in night ,we are planning to camp in Madheghat for one night.

    Can u provide your inputs on this ?


  101. 101. Rajaram S Says:

    not sure of a direct route between the two places. The two are faraway from each other.
    yes, its possible to cover them in a day. Start early, visit kaas, come back to NH4, return towards pune and take Velhe exit.
    Of course, if you are more adventurous, zoom into google maps and find shortcuts , definitely would be more adventurous, but not sure abt the time.

  102. 102. Mrudul Godbole Says:

    I am planning to go to Kaas this year. Is the season around 15th Sep – 15th Oct only? I had heard there were a few restrictions in that place. Will it be open to public this year? Also is the whole area open or is it only a small area?


  103. 103. Sumitra Says:

    Planning to visit first week of September. Please can you let me know if this a good time – we want to see the flowers and hence want to plan accordingly.

  104. 104. Rajaram S Says:

    Should be, but follow the news for more accurate info (I will also update on FB).

  105. 105. Pushkar Says:

    Nice article and photos.

    We are planning a visit to Kaas Pathar on 26 Th August.
    Is it a good time , considering less rains this year?

  106. 106. dr laxman kodalkar Says:

    enjoy with nature in sahyadri vally.

  107. 107. vishnu Says:

    Hey Rajaram, Thanks for great information; I’m planning to visit there on 2nd or 3rd week of Sept. 12.
    I hear that we need to do the booking for the same. can you please let me know how we can apply for the same and complete the trip. and is it good to visiting in 2nd or 3rd week of sept.
    Hoping your fevorable response.
    Thanks in advance

  108. 108. Purva Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    The information you shared is of grate help. Will 1st-2nd Sept 2012 be good time to visit Kaas? As me and my family planning to come from Nagpur to Pune that time,if that is not the right timewe will plan or trip accordingly.Also can you could share the website name where we need to register the details,as I could not find the website on Google.


  109. 109. sandeep gaikwad Says:

    Nice photograph. Please advise can i visit on 1/2 september. Or advise me when should i visit so that i can see the beautiful carpet of the floor. And at what time i should start journey as i m staying in pimpri chinchwad area from and when there will be less people on the plateau

  110. 110. saket Says:

    First thing first …. I must commit that you had written a beautiful blog here… It’s more like a virtual trip to the place … I am fully flattered …

    I am planning to visit this place on Sep1 … would it be the right time to see the waterfalls and flowers also …
    also, I want to make a 2 day trip … I would like to spend the day in Kaas and then move to Mahabaleshwar or Panchgani for night stay …. then start back in the late afternoon to reach Pune on a decent time … what would you suggest???

  111. 111. ernest Says:

    Thanks Raja…. i like the description… the routes…. and the info in general :)

  112. 112. Sumitra Says:

    Can you also suggest a good place to stay – maybe near Kaas/Satara, since we have our kids too. Thanks in advance.

  113. 113. AMOL PILAWARE Says:

    hy which time we go kass pathar

  114. 114. Priya Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Is it a good time to go to Kas now? PLanning to visit with family this weekend.

  115. 115. Sitaram B. Says:

    Planning to visit on 19th Aug.2012. PLEASE can you let me know if this a good time bcoz we don’t have time till october.

    Pls. provide inputs.

  116. 116. Bornav (Pune) Says:

    Dear Raja,
    I must appreciate this wonderful blog of yours and the beautiful images of the nearby desinations. Could you kindly tell me, are there public transport facilities available from Satara to Kaas Valley and viceversa for return? I presume there are several buses from Swargate Depot(Pune) to Satara town.

  117. 117. Rajaram S Says:

    Yes, there are buses to Bamnoli (even from Pune). The route to Bamnoli is through Kaas.

  118. 118. Rajaram S Says:

    too early for the flowers.

  119. 119. Rajaram S Says:

    too early, but the greenery now will be awesome.

  120. 120. Rajaram S Says:

    Mahabaleshwar is a good option.

  121. 121. anupam Says:

    hi rajanram,
    its an urgent query hope you will help in this, we are planing to vist kas (19th august) that is tomorrow.
    from your website I just know came to know about pre-booking, but when i visited to register me and my family,I found that fees money should be transferred to mentioned bank, so how can i pre-book now? is there any other way ?? thank you

  122. 122. p sai ram Says:

    to visit kaas you said we have to book before we go to kaas … is there any other way we can directly book there and go and wt about mid week days when flow of people are less …….. if i book for 28 th august and went there on 29 th is it okk or it is must go there on the same date which i have booked plzzzz give me this information

  123. 123. Sapana Says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for the information about where to register if want to visit kass….

    Once aging Big Thank you.

  124. 124. Prigesha Says:

    Nice snaps

    kindly give the information about reservation of Kas Pathar

  125. 125. Vivek Pradhan Says:

    Please help me for visiting this place. How to reach there from Mumbai.

  126. 126. Rajjat Says:

    I am sorry for my comment if it hurt but its realy disappointing to see a fellow photographer destroying the beauty nature is offering…..

    Most of the photos taken in bed of flowers have caused a great thread to the species…..
    its our misfortune that we do not appreciate nature and rather try to screw it for our own benifit. The photos captured inside bed of flowers do depict the scene……
    I have seen ppl photographing in situations similar to this, crushing the flowers, plucking them, capturing photos of few by being a great harm to nearby many flowers……..

    Photography is an art that can show the real beauty of nature, but surely not by destroying it…..
    You can get my point by seeing the screwed Kaas this year…
    We should preserve the nature and such beautiful spots by being a responsible ppl……

  127. 127. vinayak Parulekar (Pune) Says:

    Can you also suggest a good place to stay – maybe near Kaas/Satara, since we have our kids too. Thanks in advance.

  128. 128. Sorabh Jain Says:


    We need to register on below website to visit kass -

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sorabh Jain

  129. 129. Siva Says:

    I visited Kaas on Aug 19th 2012. At that time missed the blooming of flowers,but still is a wonderful place to see. I saw ur website and paid the money online and visited there. You can also pay the registration fee directly at the site.They asked me printout of bank statement. I only had prinout of mail confirmation.With that somehow managed to convince them that i really paid the amount online.

    Kaas is fenced now.From your photos it looks that it was not fenced earlier.

    Same day visited Bamnoli. Another wonderful place for one day trip.

  130. 130. Sumitra Says:

    Hi,Planning to go this weekend to Kaas – good time to see the flowers? Thanks, Sumitra

  131. 131. Sandeep Says:

    We plan to visit Kaas on the weekend of the 9th & 10 th September 2012. Will the flowers be out by now? I am asking as the monsoon rains were late this year. We plan to go there on my motorcycle and would like to halt nearby for the night. Is there any place nearby, other than Satara, where one can get a decent and clean hotel room with attached bathroom? I read that one has to get permission/ a permit from the forst authorities to visit Kaas. Is this information correct and whom should one contact to get a permit? Is it better to go on a weekday as it seems that there are far too many vistors on weekends? Thanks

  132. 132. Kishore Iyer Says:

    Can u please give us the website where we can do our registeration for visit to Kaas.

    Many thanks in anticipation.
    Kishore Iyer

  133. 133. sabu Says:

    dear rajaram,
    thank you for this beautiful blog and even more wonderful pics. we are planning to go to kaas in the second week of sept. Will it be the right time to the flowers.

  134. 134. Rajaram S Says:

  135. 135. Rajaram S Says:

    weekday is better. You have to register at

  136. 136. Rajaram S Says:

    I agree Rajjat, but i do (or rather did) take care while taking the photos.
    I did go into the ned of flowers, but did as much as possible follow paths where there were no plants.
    Most of the long shots (behind flowers) were taken beyond the beds so that the beds appear right in front of the subject.

  137. 137. Subrat Says:

    Nice information with superb pictures. I am planning a trip during Sep 21-22, 2012. Whether flowers will be available during this time. I have already register for these dates. When checked up with the FD they stated that i can pay the entry fee in the designated bank’s AC and should carry the receipt. Is it ok?

  138. 138. Sophia Correia Says:

    I am planning to visit Kaas this november during Diwali. According to your info, this may not be the right time..but wouldnt there be some bloom for us to see..?

  139. 139. Abhijit Tembbhekar Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    I have 1 question. Recently I went to Lohagad and hurt my ligament in my knee. Going to Kaas around September end was in my plans for long but now doctor has strictly restricted me to do any kind of uphill/downhill walking for a while. So question is – when we visit Kaas to see flower beds, will it involve steep uphill/downhill walk or will it be straight land walking? This info would be really helpful to me as I cant afford to miss this blooming period, else I will have to wait till next year. Thanks.


  140. 140. Jayant Says:

    What is the best time to visit Kass this year?
    Can we club Kaas and Bamnoli in a day?

  141. 141. DR PATIL Says:

    thanks for the beautiful photo shoot. Real beauty lies here only. No need to visit kashmir, darjiling

  142. 142. Sumitra Says:

    Visited Kaas this weekend (2 and 3 sept). Only purple flowers blooming right now – some white and yellow in patches. It was very foggy when we went, and was raining too, so did not have clear visibility. Stayed at Nivant – a good place with a fabulous view of the valley. Kaas lake was absolutely breaktaking, kaas and thosegar were beautiful.

  143. 143. Abhijit Tembhekar Says:

    Hi Rajaram, I guess for some reason my query didnt get posted here yesterday. I just wanted to know if there is any uphill/downhill climb involved at Kaas? Or will it be more of straight land walking once you reach the spot? This info will be really helpful. Thanks.

  144. 144. Nirav Shah Says:


    Nirav Shah

  145. 145. Sonal Says:

    Thank you for the link. Do you know if we can pay the fees online to register to visit kas? Thanks. Any other pointers we should be aware of.

  146. 146. Rajaram S Says:

    Yes, you can pay online. But the easier way is to just register, take a printout and pay directly.

  147. 147. Rajaram S Says:

    only walking on level ground unless you want to explore the cliff sides.

  148. 148. Rajaram S Says:

    not yet , if for the flowers. But , a great time now, if for the greenery and mist. yes, Bamnoli can be combined. It is just 20 kms away.

  149. 149. Rajaram S Says:

    November is late, very late.

  150. 150. Rajaram S Says:

    Subrat, Sep21 should be ok to visit.

  151. 151. Jayant Says:

    Thank you Rajaram, I am planning to visit on 29th & 30th

    Are there any hotel in Kaas for overnight stay?

  152. 152. Neha Says:

    Hey thanks a ton for this information .

  153. 153. Rajaram S Says:

    no hotels in kaas, nearest stay is in satara

  154. 154. shraddha Says:

    what to put inthe “Message” field while filling up the registration form ?

  155. 155. mansi Says:

    can sumbody tell .. do kas have place to dine n what about washrooms… ?

  156. 156. Jayant Says:

    Visited Kaas* last week –
    Car parking is now 3 KMs away from the Kaas so be preapre to walk for 6 KMs or carry a bicycle in your car :)

    Bamnoli was tooooo good.. take a boat ride to Tapola or Datta Mandir..

  157. 157. Rajaram S Says:

    only satara has. Otherwise, go all the way to Bamnoli

  158. 158. Nitin Vyas Says:


    would like to visit this place on 1st /2nd Oct 2012. How do I register with the forest/tourist dept. for the visit?

  159. 159. Sonii Says:

    I will be visiting Kaas this weekend 23rd sept
    Will I be able to catch flower bloom..majorly for which I am going for this trip
    Plz help me for the same
    Also which all places nearby I can visit?

    Thank you

  160. 160. Naresh Says:

    Hello All..

    I visited kaas mid of August…Really its an awesome place.. no flowers in mid of august.. but i had an awesome ride on kaas plateau.. i love it.. i never forget it.. A hut wala said flowers can come on september.. hmm… but i enjoyed beauty of kaas.. i went alone on bike.. really felt happy..

    I recommend you must and should go to this place .. if you want a great day.

  161. 161. Subrat Says:

    Is there anything to see in Bamnoli.

  162. 162. Ravindra Nerpawar Says:

    I visited Satara – 2 day trip on 15th and 16th of Sept ( With 3 Families – 6 + 3 kids )
    1. Day 1 – Kaas, Bamnoli village,
    2. Day 2- Sajjangad, Thoseghar and Wind mill farm

    Started from Pune on 14th evening to visit Kaas and see Sun rise. We stayed at Satara on 14th night.

    15th – Started from Hotel at 5:30 am to see Sun Rise on Kaas, .. reached Kaas by 6:15. But it was too Foggy and cloud .. so could not see sun rise ..:-(
    But overall atmosphere was great..Foggy all around and chilled air.. this experience was awesome. We could see flowers but not that clearly.. We were the first to reach on Kaas… Then few cars followed us..after some time.

    Then, we went back to Hotel by 8:30am …. got fresh had breakfast by 10:30 am and again started to Kaas.. on the way gr88 nature to enjoy .. then reach Kaas by 11:30. We Parked our car at the end of the NO Parking zone. Then we walked backed. We saw mostly Yellow and Violet colour flowers and in between we saw few different variety of flowers… It was awesome.. to see bed of flowers all around.. We completed our Photo shot and started to Bamnoli Village by 2:30 pm . ..

    We were also hungry so on the way to Bamnoli just after 2 Km from Kaas decided to eat something. We had Wad pav, Bhaji, Omlet Pav, Coffee, tea. as our Lunch. By the time we finished our Lunch it was 3:20 pm.

    Then, we started for Bamnoli village… we reached Bamnoli village at 4:00 pm .. We decided to go to Datta Mandir by boat, which should take around 1 and half hrs trip. .. We started our boating experience around 4:20 pm ..on the way we saw trivani samgam and reach Datta Mandir by 5:00 pm.. On that Datta Mandir, we spend around 30 min. .. Then we started from datta mandir at 5:30 pm and reached back to Bamnoli village at 6:00 pm.. Kids also enjoyed the boating experience.. and also saw how boat engine gets started…;-)

    We started back to Satara at 6:00 pm .. on the way back we had lot of Fog in between till we reached Satara.. On the way back .. we could see lot of people on Kaas.. taking snaps .. but it was very foggy.. We reached back around 7:00 pm. This way ended our First Day Trip to Kaas and Bamnoli Village. .. Bamnoli an must visit.. if people are travelling to Kaas…

    Day 2- Sajjangad, Thoseghar and Wind mill farm
    We started from Hotel at 10:00 am with fuel filled both in our car and in us.
    On the way to Sajjangad, we saw few Sunflower, Jawhar farms, showed kids Sun flowers and also the steam of Jawhar ( in Marathi it’s called Hurda )… and also from Sunflower we get Oil to cook ….Honey bees collecting honey from Sunflower..Knowledge session for kids.. ;-) ..From Satara to Sajjangad is just 10 Km .. We reached Sajjangad base around 11:00 pm .. and started our small trekking with Kids… Sajjangad is known for ” Samartha Ramdas swami ” mat. They also have a stay facilities on Sajjangad. Also Maha prasad from 12 to 1:30 pm its only for 150 people very day.

    We reached on top of Sajjangad by 11:30 am …This trek was not that difficult. We had darsha of Samartha Ramdas swami’s samadhi… and went on back side of temple .. to enjoy the nature from Top of Sajjangad.. This views very really good .. on all 3 side we could see mountains covered.. in between a dam.. lot of Paddy farms..Once we completed our tour of Sajjangad it was around 1:00 pm.. We reached at the base of Sajjangad with-in 15 – 20 min .. Then we decided to go first to Wind mill farms and then come and Thoseghar waterfall.

    From Sajjangad Thoseghar is around 15 Km and after Thoseghar.. windmill farm is just 2-3 km.. We reached Windmill farms by 1:45 Km ..Kids were Surpised to see such a BIG windmills .. which they have only seen from far .. or in their books.. They descovered that Wings of Windmills were Bigger than airoplane..This was their discivery .. and also .. Windmill creates from Noise. while.. rotating .. My son was bit scared of that noise. ..:-( .. We also saw that there was lot of White colour flowers at this place… and also some 2 -3 different variety of flowers which we did not see on Kaas yesterday… .. One of our friend visited the Enercon office and collected all the technical data .. Knowledge session for all of us ..:-) .. Like Electricty generated to sold to MSEB, This Wind mill farm have around 750 wind mills in all over this places.. Different types of Wind mills.. Actual cost of wind mill, material used for making windmills, durability, ROI etc… all technical stuff was discussed. etc…This place is also extension of Kaas … we can take 2 wheeler and from this place to Kaas.. 4X4 wheel can only go through this place to Kaas… so normal 4 wheeler do not go from this place to kaas.. .. Then, we started toward Thoseghar waterfall around 2:45 Pm.. .

    We decided to have lunch before going to see waterfall..We reach near Waterfall and saw some OK place for lunch .. but for a surprise it was very good.. Good quality food server by “SELF HELP GROUP”.. This was the only one around ….. we had our Lunch and went to see Waterfall … 3 Waterfalls.. 2 – BUG and one small waterfall .. These Waterfall was one of the Biggest I have seen in Maharashtra .. the one biggest which I have seen is JOG Falls in Karnataka… after that this is the one….. Kids also enjoyed the waterfall .. but was not happy that they could not have bath in waterfall….We completed our site seeing of waterfall around 4:30pm.. just to enjoy some water … we went back to the bridge .. which was just some 200 mtrs away … Kids and all of us enjoyed COLD water over here for 1 hr…Now it was around 5:30 pm … and we started our journey back to Pune ……..

    We reached Satara Tunnel around 6 :00 pm .. and finally we reached Home- Kothrud around 8:45 pm .. We got bit late… by around 30 to 45 min due to heavy traffic on highway… after dropping one of my friend at Bhavdhan .. This was very good trip.. must see for Flowers lovers and also people who enjoy Nature .. Nature at its best.. enjoy ..

  163. 163. Anushri Says:

    Today I visited Kas. It was an amazing trip. The flowers are in bloom and the whole area was so colorful. We registered just a day before and carried the printout with us. We paid the amount there only. 10 rs per person and 50 rs for camera. We reached there by 9am. And couldn’t get enough of flowers till 12 noon. It was not very crowded and weather was also good. We were lucky to get parking near by. Visitors who came late had to park really far away, around 3kms away. Would suggest to park ahead of Kas Pathar (somewhere near Kas Lake) rather than parking so down.
    We also covered Bamnoli. Had a boat ride to triveni sangam for 450 rs. Had our lunch there only. We also went to a shankar mandir. 7kms ahead of Bamnoli. The backwaters were touching the stairs there and we had wonderful time soaking our legs in it. :)

  164. 164. Rajaram S Says:

    thanks for the info Anushri.

  165. 165. Dinkar Gogri Says:

    thanks rajaram i have no words to express for the information you have given once again thanks a lot

    i love visiting such places of natural beauty if you know any more places please inform
    thanks / regards

  166. 166. Deepak Karhadkar Says:

    Dear Rajaraman,

    I visited to Kaas Plateu on 20.09.2012 with my family.

    The flowers have just started to grow up and they will be full in boom by next week end. Please inform every body who are interested. Be there by 29-30 September 2012. From there we went to Sajjangad to stay at nite. There are very good facility to stay with the family.

    The view at Kaas were very beautiful.

    Please visit to see the my clips on “″
    We also visited Baramotechi Vihir at Limb. That is also very nice.

    Thanks for your information.

  167. 167. Ranajit Tendolkar (RanTen) Says:

    Hi Rajendra,

    Just stumbled across your web site about Kaas.

    I have and my friend have been traveling in the area since 1999 or so.
    Have seen Kaas in all its naked and covered forms and glory – either case, she is a beauty.

    How can I help in conserving and propagating the plateau?

    You can find me on FB and Picasa.



  168. 168. Sushil Rajbhoj Says:

    I visited kas on 16 Sept. with my family after reading your blog. Real Scenic place though flowers were not in full boom. Good cloudy day with lot of fog , therefore I could go only up to Kas lake. You have to park your car 3km before, which is a bad option , If you park after the no parking zone you have to walk less, which i did, but there is no proper parking space. I had done online booking but no one asked for it and got entry ticket. As for the massage field in registration form fill any thing and it will proceed. Registration form do not take same email if you want revisit. Hope the authorities will rectify this soon

  169. 169. Kanchan Says:

    hello, loved your blog, probably one of the few which gives a lot of details about Kas.

  170. 170. Aditya Vig Says:

    Dear Rajaram,

    First of all, thanks for building this lovely & informative website. I’m planning a trip to Kaas, I’ll start today from Pune, stay overnight @ Satara, see Kaas tomorrow, along with Sajjangadh & Thosegad, and head back to Pune tomorrow.

    Mr. Ravindra Nerpawar has written on the Kaas article on 17th Sept, that he and his group had stayed overnight @ Satara. I’m planning to do the same.
    Any idea which hotel he stayed in?

    Best wishes,
    Aditya Vig

  171. 171. aniket zambare Says:

    very nice photography, and very helpful for the tourists like me.

  172. 172. YJadhav Says:

    Very informative!!! and of course nice shots….

  173. 173. Rajaram S Says:

    I guess he stayed overnight in Bamnoli. I dont know of any particular hotel in Satara though. If you want to stay overnight, mahabaleshwar is a good option.

  174. 174. sadanand Says:

    Thanks for thisd usefeul Info- I visiting on this saturday/sunday- saturday nigh I will take a halat at wai, sund morning I will take Wai- Satara_ kaas- return to mumbai on sunday evening.
    Hopefully I would like to visit Kaas lake, Tapola lake, Bamnoli Village

  175. 175. Ravindra Nerpwar Says:

    Hi Aditya,

    Sorry for the delay, I stayed at Satara – Aakar International. you can read my review comment

    It was not that good but had no options as we required 3 rooms. It was crowded in Satara when I visited. There some better options.

    I did not mentioned the Hotel name in my travel discription as it can be some not allowed by primary owner of blog.

    Rajaram :- Please let me know if you are ok with mentioning Hotel name and some review comments. which can be helpful to others as well.

    Ravindra Nerpawar

  176. 176. Archit Goel Says:

    Thanks for a very informative site and lovely photos.
    Your photos are certainly going places.
    Today I saw one of them shared on her FB page by Anuradha Nirala, a respected folk singer from Uttarakhand.

  177. 177. Rajaram S Says:

    No problem Ravindra, as long as it is a honest review and not the hotel guy advertising :-)

  178. 178. Ravindra Nerpawar Says:

    Thanks Rajaram ….

    See Kaas, Bamnoli, Thoseghar, Sajjangad and Windmill farms photos..

  179. 179. Rajaram S Says:

    thanks Archit for the nice words.

  180. 180. shilpa Says:

    I want to go on 27th Nov., is it right time to go to KAS please advise me.

  181. 181. Rajaram S Says:

    Shilpa, Kaas is beautiful all year, but the flowers wont be there end of Nov.

  182. 182. Anita Saha Says:


    I am looking forward to visiting this place, Based on your reviews i have emailed the website. Unfortunately now (Dec) is the only time i can go since i am on vacation. But I want to see this place, enjoy the serene environment..feel proud its in India…(trust me a lot of ridiculous places abroad which are hyped up for no reason, but are well taken care of, are nothing compared to what we have in India…)… :))

  183. 183. Rajaram S Says:

    Anita, Kaas is good year-round. And, i guess you don’t need passes now. Passes are needed only in sep/oct during the flowering season when thousands go there. Now, it should be very calm with only the true nature lovers visiting.

  184. 184. Nilesh Says:

    Good information

  185. 185. pavan Says:

    can we go for an outing with friends at Kaas valley in this season (mid of February)

  186. 186. Rajaram S Says:

    yes, but there wont be any flowers.

  187. 187. chai Says:

    thanks for your distrubution, it’s very detailed. do the flowers bloom warmly, at May in there ?

  188. 188. Hitesh Says:

    Many Thanks Friend. I have seen very few like you till now who are so passionate even about sharing details so that same can be used by others. Thanks Again.

  189. 189. A1 Flowers Garden Says:

    Wow… That’s fantastic photography. i am really fan of you..

  190. 190. atul Says:

    nice i m haapy

  191. 191. Jiten Says:


    Is July, 2013 First week ok to visit Valley of flowers

  192. 192. Rajaram S Says:

    Nope, the flowers start blooming a week or two after the rains

  193. 193. Abhinav Says:

    What is the best time to visit Kaas? I wish to see the flowers in full bloom and would like to know the best season to be here. Would July end be a suitable time?

  194. 194. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email. Mid-September is usually the best time, 2 to 3 weeks after the monsoons.

  195. 195. Shraddha Says:

    Hi…Ur this blog inspired me to visit this place. I am planning to go in August with my parents. As u mention in the blog i had made the registration in advance, but i didn’t receive any registration confirmation email or receipt after i made payment. Need your guidance for same….How to confirm my registration?
    Will look for your revert…
    Hey..forgot to mention…this blog is AWESOME & u r a true traveler & 1 more thing..u r daughter is choooo cuteee!!!

  196. 196. Rajaram S Says:

    thanks for the nice words.
    few comments
    = as i know, the registration process is going to be abandoned this year
    = the registration is\was only for the month of sep which is the main season for the flowers. So, what that means is now is the not the season for the flowers. But, Kaas is amazing during the monsoon , the mist and the greenery.
    = so, go ahead ..forget abt the registration and go and enjoy

  197. 197. Prashant Gaikwad Says:

    Speachless… Must see place…
    Thanks for sharing all the info…

  198. 198. akshaya Says:

    gr8 blog, ur daughter is very cute…
    i was planning to visit at the end of september, probably 26th sep. will it b ok

  199. 199. Rajaram S Says:

    yes, usually 2 weeks after the rain stops/mid sep is fine

  200. 200. Rohitash Says:

    You write so well, the photographs are very good.
    Keep writing. I hope to visit Kaas on 15 Aug.
    Thanks for the beautiful write up. Take care.

  201. 201. Tapan Shah Says:

    Dear Sir… Excellently narrated article. The website does not open since ages. Is there any other way of registering. Also is there any other hotel apart from Hotel Nivant ? I did not find any other hotel. can you please advice.

  202. 202. Himanshu Says:

    Was searching for the info and this info was one of a kind… kudos !!
    We were planning a trip here somewhere on 7 to 9 sept 2013, if someone could help with the updates on the flowering season!!

  203. 203. Yatin Says:

    Thanks for a vividly detailed article. A question: my mum’s a senior citizen with a bit of trouble walking. Exactly how much of a walk is it from were a tour bus would halt? And is there a gradient?

  204. 204. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on mail

  205. 205. Chhavi Says:

    Dear Raja,

    Brilliant description and pictures! Very useful. We are planning to drive down from Mumbai during the 7-9 Sep weekend. Any suggestions for a nice comfy place to stay? Do you think we can club in Panchmarhi into the trip as well?

    Thank you!

  206. 206. Madhavi Says:


    Your update has been a great help for nature lovers like me. I am planning to go to Kaas Valley on 6 th September 2013.

    Can you please let me know if the flowering season has started this year.



  207. 207. Nabeela Says:

    Hi Rajaram, your Kaas trip pics are beautiful! And it is great to read your helpful description and responses to travellers seeking information from you :) Here’s my Q too: we’ve a choice between Sep 21 or Oct 4 weekend, which one would you suggest? Also, which one of two options – Mahabaleswar or Kashid – would you recommend? We’re going to be driving down from Bombay.

  208. 208. Vikas Nayak Says:

    I wish to visit this year with family and stay overnight there. Any idea when flowers are going to bloom this year and where and how to register? Please reply at my email id…

  209. 209. Preetham Says:

    I will be travelling this weekend. Want to know ST bus service from Satara city to Kaas., Please share what other options are available

  210. 210. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  211. 211. Rajaram S Says:

    yes started. This weekend should be just fine

  212. 212. Rajaram S Says:

    any bus going to Bamnoli should be just fine. You can also take jeeps/share autos.

  213. 213. Rajaram S Says:

    they have started blooming. No registration until now

  214. 214. SUBHASH Says:


  215. 215. Sangeeta Says:


    We are visiting Kaas this weekend (7-8 Sept)and have registered. Could you please advice what time does the ticket counter open? We are early risers and will be reaching Satara the night before – What is the earliest time we can start our hike at Kaas?

    Secondly, is it possible to arrange for a guide who will explain the flora & fauna of the region?

    Since we are travelling with kids, would like to know if there are lunch/ toilet options close by or do we have to return to satara hotel?


  216. 216. Jaya Says:

    I amplanning to visit Kaas valley this weekend from Pune .Hows teh road condition? Has anyone visited recently?

  217. 217. Mrinal Bhargava Says:

    Thank you for the review, we went there this weekend, is absolutely lovely. Not only the areas fenced off the whole place is full of flowers, clean fresh unpolluted air with fragrance of a million flowers. No need to travel abroad the plateau and the valley is better than the Swiss experience.

  218. 218. Asha Iyer. Says:

    Dear Sir, We have decided to visit Kas on the 14th of Sept. that is tomorrow. Will it be ok ?

  219. 219. Aditay Mody Says:

    hi guys,
    I m planing to go to kaas on the comming weekend,
    i wanted to cover mahabaleshwar and Kaas,
    is it possible to go to kaas from Mahabaleshwar directly. and how much would the cabs cost ( if anyone knows) we would be 4 to 6 people

  220. 220. Deepti Says:


    I am planning to visit Kaas with my friends tomorrow, 14th Sept 2013. I have been trying to register on the site, but it just does not seem to work. Looks like the site is down.

    Is registration compulsory. Can registration be done on the spot

  221. 221. Ravindra Says:

    Dear Shri Rajaram,

    We are planning to go on 17th September,2013. Considering present raining, is it advisable to go to Kas plateau ? or should we postpone it to October 1st week. Your immediate reply will be appreciated.


  222. 222. Debashish Says:

    Has anyone visited this place during last week end (i.e., on 14th or 15th of Sep). Looking for an quick response as I am planning to visit this place, coming week end. Thank you in advance.

  223. 223. Mukesh Says:

    Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of the velly.

  224. 224. Anand Says:

    Planning to go tomorrow on Visarjan day …Please advise

  225. 225. Anand Says:

    Rajaram i am become a fan of you now honestly ….Have started visiting the places which you have visited ….Couple of weeks back i went to Wai village and Dhom dam …..Honestly spekaing no camera could capture the beauty of dhom ..We have to see n feel it

  226. 226. Jignasha Shah Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    We are planning to visit on 21st sept. Is there any pre-registration available for the ease of entry? Kindly advise.

  227. 227. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email. No registration this yr

  228. 228. Rajaram S Says:


  229. 229. Rajaram S Says:

    Yes, it is a good time to visit

  230. 230. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  231. 231. Gerry Says:

    Very informative. Will definitely go.

  232. 232. ABHIK SANTRA Says:

    Is the registration not required this year?
    Last year we registered at before visiting the plateau.
    What is the latest status of the blooming?
    We are again planning to go on 21st September, 2013.

  233. 233. Dee Says:

    Very beautiful

  234. 234. Sachin H. Says:

    Hi, I have planned to visit kas on this 22nd Sept. Is this right time? And guide about registration. Thanks

  235. 235. Dr.Suhas S.Patil Says:

    yestday we visited the kaas plateau.

  236. 236. Sayali Says:

    is coming sunday a right time to go?
    i heard that the variety of flowers is decreasing day by day now

  237. 237. Sarika Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    We are planning to go tomorrow i.e.28 Sep 13. Not able to do booking since link is not working. Is it ok if can get tickets there itself after reaching? Thanks in advance. Please email me.

  238. 238. Srinivas Says:

    We are planning to visit on 30th Sep/1st Oct. I was told that the peak time had already passed and now there will not be much to see there. Is this correct?

  239. 239. Ravi Says:

    We are planning to visit in next week, is it the correct time to visit?

  240. 240. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on mail

  241. 241. Altamash Says:

    1) I have planned to visit this place on 1 Dec’13 is this the proper time
    2) I have registered my visit online but yet to receive the confirmation
    3) Request you if any of you have any contact no. of Kas Pathar please send it to me.

  242. 242. Rajaram S Says:

    you dont need to register. That registration was only for the main flowering period (that too in 2012). You can go directly.

  243. 243. Ms Shimul Shroff Says:

    Dear Mr Rajaram,

    First of all was going thru your blog , wonderfully expressed and going thru the website I decided to visit to kaas from the 13th jan to 15th jan by road from Pune or lonavla

    I would like to if it is better to stay in lonavla n do a day trip or in stay in Pune n do day trip to kaas and around , I would like to know the route since we are driving from ahmedabad to lonavla or Pune .. And start our trip ..

    Your valuable suggestions would be most helpful to me to do the reservations ASAP .

    Thanks & Rgds,

    Shimul shroff

  244. 244. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  245. 245. Gian Prakash Says:

    Dear Mr. Rajaram,

    Just last month I moved into Lonavala. I did google search for places of tourism near Pune and there I ran into your blog.
    You are a gifted Travelog writer – absolutely unbiased view of good, not so good and bad points, where applicable. I have become a fan of your style.
    So much so, my family (presently I am staying alone) wife, two daughters and sons-in-law are visiting me in first week of April. I have shared your blog for them to plan.
    If you do not mind, can you share the camera brand you use – the pictures are so vibrant, full of colours and very clear, of course full of photogenic family members, too.
    Take care and continue to enlighten the travel hungry tourists.


  246. 246. suryakant sabale Says:

    hey all who want to visit kaas platue remind one thing the flowers are in the monsoon season basically in the mid of september njoy and plan 2 day trip
    1st day for kaas platue and
    2 nd day for thoseghar and sajjangad
    nice place to visit during monsoon
    njoy ……..

  247. 247. Dr Subhendu P. Chakravarti Says:

    Alas, I did not read your blog your blog earlier, so planned visit to Kaas this Aug 22-23. Otherwise it must have been Sept 10-11.

    We are a senior citizen group of 14 persons and looking for a cheap staying place in Satara. What I gather from the blog that you do not suggest any place for stay, still I wish, I could get some address.


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