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bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

This is probably the easiest way to experience the lakes of switzerland, right in Maharashtra! Bamnoli village on the banks of the Shivsagar lake formed due to the Koyna dam is a small community of people, who mainly cater to the tourists wanting to visit Vasota fort, Nageshwar Shiv Temple and also Tapola.

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

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How to go to Bamnoli: Bamnoli lies at the end of the Kaas plateau. You have to go to Satara, cross the city and then take the right at the fork at the end of the city. The road at the left (through a tunner) would go to Thoseghar. Once on this road you have to drive for around 30 kms (crossing kaas lake and the beautiful flower beds) and then climb down to the shore of the Shivsagar lake. Though google maps doesnt show this road, this exists and is a good condition road, not the offroading type. As you descend the ghats onto Bamnoli, you are rewarded with views as comparable to european lake destination (provided you visit this place around the monsoons/winter).

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

Once in Bamnoli, you can choose from lot of boating options. You can just go for a ride around the shivsagar lake. Or, go for a boat trip to Tapola, also known as mini kashmir. The rates are reasonable, provided you have a group of 5-6 people. Otherwise, you anyway have to pay the group price. If you have time, you can also go on a guided tour to Vasota fort or the famous nageshwar Shiv temple. The waters are right up to the roads inside the village. In fact, there are few buildings which are half-submerged. I guess the end of the village is defined by the amount of water in the backwaters. There is even a Bank of Baroda branch here. So, if you want to, you can even open an account here!

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

I was just looking around for stuff to photograph, when i noticed something big flying overhead. Thinking it to be a big bird, i followed it and then when it came into view, i realised that it was a big bat. Then i saw the hundreds of bats on the few trees next to the shore. They were there only on these few trees. I was lucky to see this as i would have just returned to my car if not for this low flying bat.

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

bamnoli village to vasota,tapola near Satara

You can go to Bamnoli as a separate trip and then spend the day with a boating trip to Tapola or combine Bamnoli with a visit/drive to the Kaas plateau, as we did.

written by Rajaram S

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  1. 1. Anu Says:

    This was really interesting! I had no idea about this place or even the lake for that matter….

  2. 2. Samir Says:

    Its awsome place,thanks to give this info can u pl give details of hotels or accomodation in Bamnoli

  3. 3. amol Says:

    hi, I have been to thoseghar few years ago and planning a weekned getaway at kas-chalkewadi, can you suggest good route? I looked up Google maps but the thing is it goes through satar( I am coming down from pune) and I think taking sharp left from valase will increase me about 13 km, can you suggest alternative route plz ??? Eagerly waiting!

  4. 4. Rajaram S Says:

    There are two routes – one of which goes thru satara and the other avoids the city.
    The route given above goes through satara.

    The other, slightly shorter route, is a little ahead of the turn to Satara from the highway.
    Dont take the actual turn to satara from the highway. Go a little further and you will find another road on the right to satara.
    This will avoid the city and take you directly to the tunnel from where you can follow the same directions (as above) to Thoseghar.

  5. 5. sachin shindkar Says:

    this is my born place

  6. 6. Vilas Bendale Says:

    Send detail of lodging & boarding.

  7. 7. Jinu George Says:

    is there any accommodation here if we have to go for an overnight picnic

  8. 8. Rajaram S Says:

    not any “recognised” hotel in Bamnoli, though you can do a sleepover at the temple premises.
    The nearest place to stay would be Satara (around 30 kms away)

  9. 9. suraj sindkar Says:

    it is my vallege. it is very butiful place. there is verious hotels and botting facilities are vailable. please visit this place.

  10. 10. abhishek bharadwaj 2 Says:

    @suraj ya ya..that was reolly fuunii….

  11. 11. Raj Says:

    Very Nice….
    When is the right time to visit these places…. like Kaas valley, Thosheghar water falls, Bamnoli Village…

    Am Planning to go this November, is that fine…?

  12. 12. Rajaram S Says:

    yes november is fine, though u wont see flowers at Kaas and not the full flow at thoseghar, but if you have never been there. Go there now, enjoy it. Then, return next monsoon and you would appreciate it more :-)

  13. 13. pritesh more Says:

    verry nice

  14. 14. Supriya Sudhakaran Says:

    Need details & we want to come on Saturdy 19th Nov 2011.

    Need Urgent Details

  15. 15. Rajaram S Says:

    Supriya, what details do you need? Bamnoli is a village and the route map is given.

  16. 16. Supriya Sudhakaran Says:

    Do we need permission for forest visit & can we stay any decent place..or can we make it one day trip..

  17. 17. Rajaram S Says:

    Supriya, you need permission to visit vasota, but it can be obtained in Bamnoli itself.
    trekking grps going to vasota usually stay overnight in the temple and then proceed to vasota fort in the morning.
    The nearest “proper” acco would be at Satara, around 32 kms away.

  18. 18. Manu Vatayan Says:

    seems like a great place.
    Can u suggest the best time to visit this place?
    its Feb ryt now , shall i delay this to the monsoon season as right now it wouldnt be having much water .

    please reply soon.
    Can drop a mail too .
    Thanks in advance :)

  19. 19. MACHINDRA Says:


  20. 20. Kavitha Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    I have been following your blog only recently. I ve been living in Pune for so many years, but never knew that these many beautiful places existed around Pune apart from the very famous and crowded ones which every other site on tourist places around pune boasts of. Your site has given me so many options, i am planning to cover most of them this monsoon. Awaiting your next post on anything new to explore around pune this monsoon..

    A splendid job indeed, keep it up….!!!!

  21. 21. Ravindra Says:

    Hi Ramesh,

    I am planning to go Bamnoli village / Thoseghar / windmill farm on 118th and 19th of August, whether I can enjoy the folowers at Kaas now.

    Please advice.

    Ravindra Nerpawar

  22. 22. Kaustubh Says:

    Dear Rajaram,
    For visiting Bamnoli, do we need to cross through Kaas Plateau? Or is there any other route bypassing Kaas? As there are restrictions now to take vehicles on the Plateau (need to park them about 2 kms prior), how can we go to Bamnoli avoiding Kaas?


  23. 23. Dr.Dinesh Kowshik Says:

    Excellent write-up and pics. I am visiting on 18th, will touch Bamnoli as well. You made my trip thank you.

  24. 24. dr.satishkulkarni Says:

    Hi Rajararam
    I am satish.I read your blog and obtsained valuable information about places around pune.Thank you very much.

  25. 25. Rajaram S Says:

    there is a side (little kuchcha) road just before the main area which goes to bamnoli.

  26. 26. Rajesh Madane Says:

    Hi Rajaram, I am a vivid reader of your blog and really appreciate the details provided by you. I also do visit a lot of places but it never occurred to me that I should share this with others.. a very splendid job done by you indeed! Many thanks. Am planning to visit Bamnoli soon!!

  27. 27. Madhav Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    i was doing some research on the web for Kaas and Bamnoli and stumbled upon your blog which is very informative. We plan to visit Kaas and Bamnoli and Google map says i have to go via Satara from Kaas to make a trip to Bamnoli. Your blog says there is a kachha road and i think that would be my route (hoping that its not too Kachha). I’ am on a 4WD SUV, but there are women and children in the group who may not be able to take the grind of a way too kuchha road.
    Also will try to use your tip about driving upto the road forking to Bamnoli and park the vehicle there and walk to the Kaas plateu (although my visit is on a Thursday and i hope there wont be much restrictions as mentioned by you for weekdays).

  28. 28. Akshay Kulkarni Says:

    hi rajaram… awesome info.. planing to visit kaas by this month end. but i wont be having any vehicle of my own and will be alone. what are the options of transportation for me…? i love travelling alone. would be great if u could mail me..!
    thanks in advance

  29. 29. amit gadakari Says:

    torist attraction

  30. 30. Kaustubh Says:

    any resort or hotel in bamnoli…. plz display the hotels name or contact no.

  31. 31. Rajaram S Says:

    no hotels in bamnoli. there is a temple though, where trekkers stay for the overnight

  32. 32. rupali rarade Says:

    is so beautifull,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  33. 33. Jayant Deshpande Says:

    No resort in Bamnoli.
    Best place to stay is Satara, you will be able to cover the Thoseghar as well over the weekend.

    Tip for Kas Visit – If you have bicycle, please carry. Car parking is around 3 KMs from Kas plateau entrance.

  34. 34. Deepak Says:

    You can also visit Yavateshwar temple while going to Kaas.

  35. 35. Swati Shinde Says:

    hmmm is so beautiful place, more facility available in village and wonderful village.

  36. 36. Bhavin Malavia Says:

    Dear Sir,

    In May month I had a gr8 visit of Dapoli based on your guidance… I need your help once again…. My parents are coming to pune this weekend so I am planning to take them on 1 day trip… Kindly advice me any place you would like me to visit with necessary details, if possible….

    As per your pics I would love to visit Kass & Bamnoli… is it possible to cover in 1 day? How to reach there from pune and what will be the approx kms from pune… waiting for your valuable reply….

    Thanks & Regards,

  37. 37. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  38. 38. Kamal Says:

    Hey.. …very usefull info n blog…

    i need ur help in plannin my trip…

    i wil be traveling 2 satara on 13 oct….from kolhapur
    i am planning to visit Bamnoli village, Kaas, Tapola, Vasota fort & Sanjjangad Fort in 1 day thn i have to catch late night bus to mumbai…….
    can i cover all this point in 1 day…plus can u pls advice me wit transportation option.

    thanks …..

  39. 39. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  40. 40. Swanand Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    No one in the village will have facility to give accommodation other than temple?
    Can you give your number to me?

  41. 41. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  42. 42. Amul Says:

    Hi Rajaram Sir,

    We are group of 5 people planning a visit to Bamnoli-Vasota.
    Do you know anyone in the bamnoli village who has facility to give accommodation?
    It will be a great help
    Thanks in advance

  43. 43. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi, there is no official facility at Bamnoli. People usually spend the night at the temple.

  44. 44. Suresh J Says:

    Hi Rajaram Sir,
    We are planning a short trip (picnic) to vasota jungle/banmoli village this April (5/11). Please suggest if this is a good time to visit these places. Yes, monsoon will be the perfect time, but can these places be visited in April?
    Also, please suggest some other places to have picnic in summer around Pune.
    Thanks in advance.

  45. 45. Harish Says:

    HI Thanks for the info. We are planning a group picnic from Pune of about 11 families (24adults + 8kids). We are going last week of July. You think bamnoli would be a good location for a one day trip for us. Can we spend the whole day here? Even if it rains? And what about food? Any decent (clean) restaurents / dhabas / options available here?

  46. 46. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  47. 47. sheetal shinde Says:


    Though Satara is my native I am not aware of many beautiful places near Satara.

    Pls help me to reach Flower vally of Maharashtra ( Kaas Pathar0 & Thoseghar water fall.

    In which season we can see that flower vally.?

    and exactly where it is ? How long it is from Khed (satar) . Pls help me with Map

  48. 48. sheetal shinde Says:

    How far Bamnoli village is from Satara city

  49. 49. Rajaram S Says:

    around 35 kms

  50. 50. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

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