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Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

I love waterfalls, whatever size they come in. Whenever i plan to visit a city, the first thing i google for are waterfalls near the city. I once saw a poster of Thoseghar waterfalls in my office kitchenette (taken during the monsoon) and made up my mind that i had to visit this place. So, off i went, late last september in search of Thoseghar falls. Many blogs mention this as the third highest waterfall in India, but i didn’t come across any veritable piece of information on the same. Nevertheless, this waterfall is high, tall enough to easily feature in the list.

UPDATE: I visited Thoseghar again during the monsoon season. Lots more water and greenery. Check out a video and more photos here.

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

How to go to Thoseghar waterfalls from Pune(Magarpatta): Go on the NH4 (towards Bangalore). Cross Khambatki ghat, go beyond the right turn to Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani. Enter Satara on the right. Keep going inside the town of satara. At the other end of the town, you will come to a fork. The road to the left goes through a tunnel. This is the road you have to take. The road on the right goes to Tapola/Mahabaleshwar. Once you cross the small tunnel, you will come to a t-junction. Take the road on the right. The scenery immediately changes from a town to beautiful slopes (depending on the season!). After you climb a little, you will come across the exit to Sajjangad fort. Keep going and you will see a board for Thoseghar falls right on the main road. It’s a pity that a fall as majestic as this has a poor looking board befitting some roadside dhabha.
Google Maps doesnt have the road which goes from Satara to thoseghar. Given below is a map to reach Satara. After that follow the directions as i have mentioned above.The exact location of Thoseghar falls is 17°35’47.84″N, 73°50’44.98″E. Use this on Google Earth to have an idea about the route.

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The route to Thoseghar from Satara was very scenic (even in September). The road goes along the edge of the cliff giving you wonderful views all along the way.

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

You have to climb down a short distance before you reach the view point from where you will be able to see the thoseghar falls. The walk is short, but the climb back can be tough in summer. But, why would you go to this place in summer. The falls are dry in summer. So, the best time would be right in the middle of the monsoon.

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

There are actually many falls visible from the view point. The biggest one is to the right and not completely visible. The one straight ahead is also big and has two layers.

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

I checked on Google earth and there seems to a earthern path to go to the other side of the cliff. One can get a frontal view of the main falls. That is the plan for this monsoon :-). From thoseghar, we proceeded to Chalkewadi windmill farms. I saw that this was one interesting place to see around Thoseghar, but i never realised that the whole area would be infested with huge, reallu huhe windmills. Easily, the biggest i have ever seen, you can see hundreds of them all over the hills.

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

You have to continue in the same direction for another 4-5 kms until you reach the top of the mountain where the road seems to end at the windmills. if you proceed further, you will reach the koyna backwaters, but you better have a 4WD to do that.

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

The windmills were much bigger than what i thought would be. Akshara enjoyed the windmills a lot and didn’t want to get back in the car. Overall, it was a very good one-day trip covering Thoseghar waterfalls, chalkewadi windmill farms and a drive up to the parking lot of Sajjangad fort.

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

Thoseghar waterfalls Chalkewadi windmill farms satara

written by Rajaram Sethuraman

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  1. 1. Vijay ganesh Says:

    Rajaram… As usual, good…. any plans for Malshet ghat ?

  2. 2. Sachin Vaidya Says:

    The information about the place is found very interesting.
    I would like to see more photos of this place.

    Thanks and regards


  3. 3. Ruturaj Says:

    Nice information, and the pictures are great.

  4. 4. vivek Says:

    one of the finest travel blogs i have bumped across in recent times.. there is so much to see and so little time.. maharasthra is surely heaven.. i so much want to spend some part of my life there n go around n see such beautiful places.. thanks fro sharing the pics.. awesome.. all of them n the information was good, maybe i will need it in future.. india is great.. the most stunning country on earth…

  5. 5. sagar Says:

    while planning to visit thosegar you must have your own vehice otherwise its difficult to return. so collect information before planning

  6. 6. sagar Says:

    If you dont have your own vehicle & planning to visit thoseghar ,be careful first collect all inforamtion regarding bus facilities, bacause buses & other vehicle faciliies are very few so have to reach to satara before 9 o clock & then you must reach early in the morning to thoseghar , then & then you can see thoseghar ..

  7. 7. atul Says:

    hai i am atul from Thoseghar

  8. 8. Ashay Says:

    Hey..atul..howz thoseghar nowadays…is it rainining heavily there? can we enjoy waterfalls if we come on this saturday….plz help me..

  9. 9. vinod yadav pune Says:

    nice & helpful images

  10. 10. Seetha Says:

    Thanks Rajaram, really helpful pics + info.

  11. 11. Ramesh Says:

    Hay how is climet over there now and how to reach there from pune?

  12. 12. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi Ramesh, the weather is the same as any other part during the monsoons, but the probability of mist and rain are much higher. Directions are given in the post. Basically, go to Satara and it is around 22 kms away.

  13. 13. Seetha Says:

    Hey Rajaram,

    Did you visit Thoseghar this Aug 2011? Any road blocks whil going by road/car?

  14. 14. Divyang Pandya Says:

    I am thrilled to know that Chalkewadi wind farm exists.
    I am the one who came to this village about 16 years ago and did preliminary study for the possibility of a wind farm for MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Corp). Chalkewadi is a very small village, at that time I was greeted like a foreigner…very honest and humble people live there. This village arranged a big party for me on one evening. I stayed overnight to experience their life style. They gave me accommodation in the village’s school.
    I moved to Canada in the year 2000 and working in IT field. This morning just thought came up to search for Chalkewadi and this blog came up…
    Thanks for posting this info.


  15. 15. Payal Says:

    Really liked your travelogue and found it very informative and interesting. In fact, my parents, who live in Pune visited Kaas and were thrilled. I stay in Bombay and would like to know if there is any place near Bombay (1-2 hours drive) which has natural beauty, no crowd, where children can have fun and great to visit in late September/ early October. I would be grateful if you can let me know of any such place you are aware of. Thanks in advance.

  16. 16. Ravindra B More Says:

    near Kas flower valley, there is Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall. Fantastic waterfall in Maharashtra not known much, but tomorrow’s it is number one waterfall in maharashtra.

    you can locate it in “starmaja” news channel in video clip named as “Pandara Shubr Vajrai Dhabdhaba”.

    even you can locate from google as “vajrai waterfall” (video clip published by star maja news channel).

    Ravindra More
    ph no 09821967717

  17. 17. Anuj Says:

    Hello Rajaram. We had once been to Kas and Thosegar, but in summers, hence could not enjoy the greenery. If you go further ahead of Kas, there is a place called Bamnoli, the way is full of beautiful scenes and there is a huge backwaters lake / river, from there you can take boat ride to Tapola. It was fun.

  18. 18. Rajaram S Says:

    thx Anuj for the Info. I have been to Bamnoli and indeed, it is a beautiful village to visit. Check out my photos here

  19. 19. Raj Says:

    Excellent location….. Nice photos…!!!!!
    When is the right time to visit these places…. like Kaas valley, Thosheghar water falls, Bamnoli Village…

  20. 20. Raj Says:

    Is it right time to visit now…. Or what places at Satara are opt to visit now….
    apart from Temples…

  21. 21. PRASAD PATHAK Says:

    Very nice description of your trip with beautiful pictures. this will help us to travel new place in monsoon

  22. 22. Sreedharakurup Says:

    Beautifull. Thanks for giving such information. Let us have such sharing of experiences in life which can help many.

  23. 23. Rohidas kolpe Says:

    Thosheghar and satara is incredible area in maharashtra. This place such a second heaven . There are no any words to talk about just go and enjoy.

  24. 24. Ramjan Says:

    We have been to Bottom of Fall its really good one day/ two day trek
    Have a look at pics here

  25. 25. Rajaram S Says:

    wow, saving the link ..btw, do you have a write-up on the route to take to the bottom of the falls?

  26. 26. Koltekar Says:

    just wanted to know if you guys would be interested in staying overnight in isolated area… It can be an adventerious picnic if u all are in groups…. Nature and its beauty…

  27. 27. Nikheel Says:

    Very Good photographs & Highly informative content, Keep it up…..

  28. 28. Sunil Bhavsar Says:


    Good Naration and excellent natural places ,i like most- away from the multiplexs and noisy city streets.

    Keep posting such useful information and encourage others to follow.



  29. 29. Sriparna Says:

    We went to both the places last week,and it was a great experience…
    Thanks to ur blog!!
    Pls keep on updating us with new places in n around Pune

  30. 30. Pritesh Says:

    Great Information & nic pics, Now i also visit this place in this August, Thanx

  31. 31. Chetan Says:

    Have been there.
    Your blog is really helping to find out good places.

  32. 32. sudhir Says:

    really informative info will plan to visit thanks

  33. 33. sadikbaba Says:

    thoseghar is nice n beautifull spot for week end n farm houses, & also for 2nd homes cause 1.kass -world heritage flowervalley great platue in india,kass lake is very nice climate similar to mahableshwar 2.sajjangad-very great historical place n mythological placeof great ramdasswami these r tourist center ,3.morghal -where samarth ramdasswami prays n got siddhi n power from god n became a great swami n guru n contributated lot for swarajya,4. chalakewadi-depot of wind energy in maharashtra having fog wind stream giving pleasant fillings at this n great view of koyana backwater. 5.thoseghar-everybody in west maharashtra n mumbai knows well known waterfall i.e. THOSEGHAR WATERFALL

  34. 34. vijay pune Says:

    Always a good site for reference for places near pune.
    Keep it up sir. N always have a fun while travelling.

  35. 35. sachin bhusare Says:

    tourist attraction

  36. 36. param Says:

    this is very unforgatale point in my live .what is the actual nature it s disply here.i came here again.

  37. 37. Govind Says:

    Hi Rajaram, very happy to see yr photos narration of places not commercially popular. We a. Pune group of 20_ not so young friends, are visiting Bamnoli- Tetly. March end 2013. wish to know if there is some place there providing lunch and good sheddy area and also a good ride on the lake. don’t want to get roasted in sun. thanks Govind

  38. 38. Gajanan Says:

    Great information. Keep it up.

  39. 39. subhash Says:

    Near /before water fall there is Tapovan Ashram of EMINENT Philosopher Dadaji Gavand.Many visit this ASHRAM for solitude.

  40. 40. hardika Says:

    For the platform from where we can view the Falls there is some walking distance to be covered right. I just wanted to know how safe it is? I mean I am plan ng to go with my 3 year old kid and he is extremely naughty…. Furthermore can we go beneath the falls?

  41. 41. Rajaram S Says:

    i cannot answer w.r.t your 3 yr old. Obviously you cannot keep leave him alone as it is slippery.
    You can go to the right to a small fall which is the top of the main falls. Lot of ppl go there, but pl not it is still dangerous as a slip will take you down the main falls (last yr, a person died this way).
    You cannot go to the bottom of the main falls.

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