Morachi Chincholi – the peacock village near Pune

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  1. Suraj says:

    Is Going in December recommended ? Or only in rainy season ?

  2. Ajit says:

    Hi, could you please tell me the name of the resort you put up in… We are planning to go in December.

  3. Rajaram S says:

    replied on email

  4. Shabana says:

    Hi Abhishek, please could you tell me the name of the resort you put up in… We are planning to go on August 17.

  5. Abhisek says:

    Dear Rajaram,
    I would like to contribute some pictures that I have taken at different places around Pune in this blog. Could you please let me know how I can do the same?

  6. Abhisek says:

    We had gone to Morachi Chincholi today on a half day trip from Viman nagar. As advised, we planned to reach there by evening (around 5PM). Saw few peacocks on the way. We paid 100 bucks per head to one of the resorts and spent an hour inside the resort. There, we saw the peacock dance which was truly amazing. Took some nice pictures and saw around the place. After the resort, we just walked up to the table top land just opposite the resort. It was windy and beautiful. Had a fun sunday evening. Thanks Rajaram for the information.

  7. Banu Mulla says:

    this websites truly awesome.

  8. Abhijeet says:

    useful information..thanx,,

  9. Neeraj Deshkar says:

    Also they have accomodation facility.

  10. Neeraj Deshkar says:

    We visited Morachi Chincholi 2 weeks back. We enjoyed the day at Jay Malhar Krishi Paryatan Kendra. They charge Rs. 300 per person (breakfast, lunch… etc included). Good to visit in group.

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