Morachi Chincholi – the peacock village near Pune

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  1. Anshuman Datta says:

    Very interesting account of the place but there is a huge disconnect with what you say and what is actually on the ground.

    We were there on 28th August 2014 based on this article only, all we could find is a village with nothing around. Only couple of locals chatting around whom on enquiring asked us to go inside a resort (mayur krushi paryatan…..with ultra exorbitant charges) wherein we may find peacocks.

    We also enquired about whether there are any peacocks in the open – they denied about anything like that – they continued to push inside the eco resort (as per above). We even continued to drive on the same road wherein there’s the gate with peacock statues for a whole hour – we couldn’t find anything near to what you have mentioned. Only thing what matches is the temple (your photograph).

    I would like to know exactly what it is that’s going on in that place. I would also like to hear from other fellow travellers about their experiences at Morachi Chincholi.


  2. Rajaram S says:

    yes, it is . For most part, the route is on nagar road

  3. rajesh says:

    Hi , I like your blog. Want to know that whether the road is safe & secure as we both are travelling in the morning to see peacock from pune city.

  4. We visited Morachi Chincholi twice in this month – in our first visit we could spot only 1 peacock in the agri tourism resort but we loved the villages and the natural surroundings – we went again 3 weeks later and guess what we were rewarded with a sight of 15-20 peacocks and many of them dancing – awesome sight. Must go if you love rural landscape and serenity – INR 100 for the resort seems a little higher but if next time I am going to stick to what Rajaram suggests – try spotting them in the village and the farms – that will be super fun!
    BTW – this is an awesome website – keep enriching it please. I will try to do my bit – but this is super! Thanks for putting this up.

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