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Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

A famous village in the midst of non-descript villages! Morachi Chincholi village – the names means peacocks and tamarind trees. This village is famous for its tamarind trees (which no one is interested in) and hundreds of free-roaming peacocks and peahens (which everyone is interested in). I like watching birds and was very curious when i heard about this village as almost every peacock i have seen before was in a zoo, apart from the few which roam around the BITS Pilani campus.

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

How to go to Morachi Chincholi village from Pune (Magarpatta City):

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The route is pretty straight-forward. Go towards the Nagar Road, turn right on it (i.e. opposite to the direction of the airport and towards ahmednagar). Keep going until you reach Shikrapur. There, you should see large signboards advertising the homestays and eco-tourism in Morachi Chincholi. You have to take a left there and keep going for another 15-16 kms on a not-so-bad road until you see an arch (with peacock statues on the top) on the right. This is the entrance to the village.

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

The village is not very big i.e. the one road which runs through it is probably a 2-3 kms long. But, the peacocks are everywhere. You have to drive long the road, stop somewhere and then wander on to the fields. This is the best option to find them. Just staying in the  car and hoping that one would land in front of you car can happen, maybe in your dreams :-) Having said that, we did get one which crossed the road ahead of us!

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

We ventured into the fields a bit and managed to see quite a few peacocks. But the problem was that they were extremely fleet footed and often went into the tall grasses literally becoming invisible. Once, we were just looking around standing near the edge of the road and suddenly a peacock rushed out of the bushes just a metre ahead of us. He was there all the while and we hadn’t even noticed him. Probably, a sudden movement by us startled him.

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi is not just about Morachis, but also chincholis! There were lot of tamarind trees around and we picked up a few seeds to take back home.

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

When i and Parthipan returned from our scouting inside a field, i saw that Akshara had two nice peacock feathers in her hand. It seems that a villager had chatted up Vidhya while we were away. She was the one who told Vidhya that there were hundreds of peacocks in the area and that the best time to see them would be early mornings and late evenings. She had also gifted two feathers to Akshara who looked very happy with her new toy.

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

There is also a small temple in the village where it seems bhajans happen in the evenings. There are many “resorts” and eco-tourism centres within the village which offer overnight stays (along with guarnteed sightings of the peacocks!). They also arrange bullock cart trips into the village. We just requested one such parked bullock cart for a photo-op and he was kind enough to oblige.

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

Morachi Chincholi peacock peahen village near pune

written by Rajaram S

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32 Responses to “Morachi Chincholi – the peacock village near Pune”

  1. 1. Mihir Says:

    is there any accomodation facility to stay @ Morachi Chincholi or one has to come back to pune ????

  2. 2. Rajaram S Says:

    there are few agro tourism establishments within the village. You can stay overnight there.

  3. 3. Rupps Says:

    can u suggest about accomodation and is sept. a rt. time to visit

  4. 4. Rajaram S Says:

    Anytime of the year is ok as long as you go early in the day(sunrise) or late in the evening (sunset), as that is the time when the peacocks are out.
    Yes, there is accommodation there in few agro-tourism resorts, but acco should not really be a concern as the highway is just 20-25 kms away and u will get lot of options there,

  5. 5. Sincere student Says:

    Please can you tell me about the relative progress made by this village?
    Its my Eco Homework and i am not able to find about this. Please, please, please Help.
    -A sincere student

  6. 6. N Shah Says:

    Its a waste of time, money and Petrol. Donot waste it, I simply don’t recommend, you will be way disappointed after going to this place. Its commercialized, they charge like 100 or 150 bucks, for entry, and offer you Pakoda & Chai, and they will always chant, So many Peacocks were there just a while back, they all have left, they got scared etc. etc. Its sheer hype and non-sense.

  7. 7. Rajaram S Says:

    Nirav..i guess youmust be talking about the agro-tourism villages there. If you dont want to spend money on the stay/food, you can just drive thru the village, no need to pay anything. if you go in the right season/time of day, you can see many peacocks still.

  8. 8. sunil thorat Says:


  9. 9. Ashish Says:

    We are planning to visit Nighoj (afternoon) and then Morachi Chincholi (evening) tomorrow. Is the plan ok for both places in terms of time? Also, by what time shall we target to reach Morachi Chincholi so that we can see peacocks?
    Appreciate if you can reply today itself as we are planning for tomorrow.
    Thanks Rajaram.

  10. 10. Rajaram S Says:

    the best time for peacocks would be just b4 sunset ..probably after 4.30 pm. The timing is ok to visit both places

  11. 11. prachi Says:

    chincholi morachi so beutiful……………..

  12. 12. Sulekha Says:

    Hi..i had been to this place to celebrate my daughters 6th birthday. She wanted to go for a picnic and I was struggling to find a unique picnic spot for my daughter. I came across your website and saw Akshara with a peacock daughter Avani loves peacock feathers and we always buy the same for her.
    We went to Malhargad – a picnic spot developed over 25acres of land. Superb daughter really enjoyed the spot. Thanks for all your updates on this site.

  13. 13. Reader Says:

    At what time should we start? how far is it from pune station? how much time it will take to drive to this place?

  14. 14. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi Swapnil, It would take you around 1.5 – 2 hrs to reach this place, depending on Nagar road traffic. The best time for seeing the peacocks is either early morning or late evening. But, you can spend the rest of the day in any of the agro-tourism resorts in the village.

  15. 15. yogg Says:

    Its not worth! We wasted our time petrol and money. And we did not find any worth thing.we will say not to go there!

  16. 16. nitin Says:

    how we can reach fr.satara to morachi chincholi

  17. 17. Mathew Says:

    Do we have Mobile Network coverage in this area ?? If yes which all service providers ??

  18. 18. Varun Says:

    Are there buses or jeeps/3-wheelers, plying from shikrapur to Morachi Chincholi. if we have to return in evening via public transport, hope that will not be a problem. pls reply

  19. 19. Rajaram S Says:

    public transport is never an issue in MH, as i have seen regular buses on routes and at places i would have never imagined public transport to reach. But, about the exact details between these places, i am not sure.

  20. 20. Neeraj Deshkar Says:

    We visited Morachi Chincholi 2 weeks back. We enjoyed the day at Jay Malhar Krishi Paryatan Kendra. They charge Rs. 300 per person (breakfast, lunch… etc included). Good to visit in group.

  21. 21. Neeraj Deshkar Says:

    Also they have accomodation facility.

  22. 22. Abhijeet Says:

    useful information..thanx,,

  23. 23. Banu Mulla Says:

    this websites truly awesome.

  24. 24. Abhisek Says:

    We had gone to Morachi Chincholi today on a half day trip from Viman nagar. As advised, we planned to reach there by evening (around 5PM). Saw few peacocks on the way. We paid 100 bucks per head to one of the resorts and spent an hour inside the resort. There, we saw the peacock dance which was truly amazing. Took some nice pictures and saw around the place. After the resort, we just walked up to the table top land just opposite the resort. It was windy and beautiful. Had a fun sunday evening. Thanks Rajaram for the information.

  25. 25. Abhisek Says:

    Dear Rajaram,
    I would like to contribute some pictures that I have taken at different places around Pune in this blog. Could you please let me know how I can do the same?

  26. 26. Shabana Says:

    Hi Abhishek, please could you tell me the name of the resort you put up in… We are planning to go on August 17.

  27. 27. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  28. 28. Ajit Says:

    Hi, could you please tell me the name of the resort you put up in… We are planning to go in December.

  29. 29. Suraj Says:

    Is Going in December recommended ? Or only in rainy season ?

  30. 30. Manish Anandani Says:

    We visited Morachi Chincholi twice in this month – in our first visit we could spot only 1 peacock in the agri tourism resort but we loved the villages and the natural surroundings – we went again 3 weeks later and guess what we were rewarded with a sight of 15-20 peacocks and many of them dancing – awesome sight. Must go if you love rural landscape and serenity – INR 100 for the resort seems a little higher but if next time I am going to stick to what Rajaram suggests – try spotting them in the village and the farms – that will be super fun!
    BTW – this is an awesome website – keep enriching it please. I will try to do my bit – but this is super! Thanks for putting this up.

  31. 31. rajesh Says:

    Hi , I like your blog. Want to know that whether the road is safe & secure as we both are travelling in the morning to see peacock from pune city.

  32. 32. Rajaram S Says:

    yes, it is . For most part, the route is on nagar road

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