Drive to tamhini ghat during the monsoon

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  1. JPS CHADHA says:

    Very beautiful scenic place,endless spots to shoot. Every time you visit this place, you will find it more beautiful then the previous visit. I love this place.

  2. Ashutosh says:

    Hello Rajaramji
    I am a regular follower at your blog, however since last few months I am unable to have update from your blog, Hope you are still exploring the beauties around.
    Also I need to have a reference from you regarding my travel to Varanasi scheduled in the month of Sep-14, would you help me with some web references at varanasi.

  3. Anil Rawalekar says:

    it is very very interesting location to visit by every year….!!!@!!!

  4. saneet says:

    We r bikers of Thane.Already visited Malshej ghat,Lonavala,Jawhar,Amboli ghat,Goa,Malwan,Vengurla…So dis upcoming Monsoon,In July Month 2014,We r planning for tamhini ghat & Varenda ghat.Pics are beautiful.So is the place Beautiful than Malshej ghat?Can we Njoy,As a group Admin.I have to look after my crew.
    Plz comment guys,who had visited this place….
    it should be paisa wasool

  5. Rajaram S says:

    road condition would be average.
    Without photo stops, the entire drive would take at least 4hrs.
    The 6 km route to shivthargal is particularly bad in condition, but can be driven.
    Start early in the day as it is going to be a looong day for this route.
    Check ur spare tire 🙂 and have food in hand, as you dont have any good quality eatouts along the way.
    View spots; everywhere u turn is a view point!

  6. Mihir says:

    I am new to pune and going first time on ghat ride and choose Pune-Varandha ghat-Shivtharghal-Tahimini-Pune route. Kindly let me know on below point.
    1) road condition of entire route 2) timing to be taken 3) View Spots 4) precaution to be taken.
    Myself, Wife and my one kid will be traveling by Brio.

  7. Avinash says:

    Thanks Rajaram

  8. Rajaram S says:

    Avinash, there are multiple places which offer stay near Tamhini. You can check out Quick bites, which has an attached place.

  9. Avinash says:

    We plan to go to the tamhini ghat for overnight picnic. is lodging available there?

  10. Rajaram S says:

    Not that i know of. i didn’t see any news mentioning that Tamhini has been made a sanctuary. Still u have the bottle-in-hand music-in-car types all over the waterfalls.

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