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Tamhini ghat drive from pune

When i decided to come back to India (pune) one year ago, i heard zillions of stories about the pollution in Pune, the traffic , the bureacracy at work , all trying to convince me not to take such a decision. But no one mentioned about the abundance of natural beauty around Pune. A drive to any such place near Pune is enough to free your mind from the stress caused by any of the above factors. Eventually, the sight-seeing options near to Pune took preference over all other issues and helped me make the decision to come to Pune. .

Tamhini ghat drive from pune

One such place is the Tamhini Ghat just beyond the Mulshi Dam. Though the roads through this ghat are at best bad, the scenery around would make you forget the bumpiness of the ride. A ride through this ghat is good even during the summer. But, this place opens up in the rains. Waterfalls all around, greens of the like rarely seen, you have to go there to experience this. I drove through Tamhini ghat late last August on my way to the Hans adventure resort. The other members of my team were in a bus and i was following them in my Xylo. The temptation was too much to stop at every corner and click a photograph of the panorama. Below are some photos from that drive.

Tamhini ghat drive from pune

How to go to Tamhini Ghat from Pune(Magarpatta): Go to Chandi Chowk. Take the road going towards Mulshi Dam. Cross Mulshi dam and climb into the ghat. The bad road usually start here. This is Tamhini Ghat. You can go beyond the Tamhini Ghat towards Mangaon (Mumbai Goa Highway) to reach the konkan side. Btw, it is not advised to go through Tamhini ghat late in the evenings. If you have to cross the mountains in the night, use the Bhor/Varandha Ghat instead.

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Tamhini ghat drive from pune

Tamhini ghat drive from pune

Tamhini ghat drive from pune

Tamhini ghat drive from pune

Tamhini ghat drive from pune

Tamhini ghat drive from pune

written by Rajaram Sethuraman

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  1. 1. Puneeth Says:

    Photos are breathtaking.

  2. 2. Ashutosh Says:

    This is Awesome!!!!

  3. 3. jyotsana Says:

    Though it looks to be a refreshing picnic spot in monsoons, I don’t think it is a great place for outing as there are many other wonderful spots available for one day picnic ……

  4. 4. Vijay Deodhar Says:

    Information about meals/Lunch avilable at Malshej, names of hotels, Dhabas is needed for one day trip

  5. 5. maitreyee Says:

    breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!!

  6. 6. Anukul Says:

    Indeed, very well explained. Even all the snaps are simply perfect. Great going. Keep posting.

  7. 7. Rama Reddy Says:

    Superb Pics..tempted to come to pune aagin :-)

  8. 8. manjiri shukla Says:

    nice photos……….which camera are you having?

    Most of the photos are with Nikon D-70 with 18-200 Nikkor lens. Some of the new photos (in the last 2 months) are with Sony DSC TX5.

  9. 9. Arvind Jain Says:

    Ah just come across these lovely Tamhini Ghats somehow through internet searching.

    The Western Ghats are a big mystery and awesome nature phenomena happened to India. The places around are simply a lifetime experience. God.. blessed are they who live around these places away from the hustle bustle of city life and nestling in nature Goddess Laps.

    Will surely visit Tamhini Ghats side by side if Sai Baba, willed me to with my friends in this August 2011.

  10. 10. Rohit Patil Says:

    Great pics……natural beauty.

  11. 11. Nilesh Says:

    Thank for info.

    please update more photoes.

  12. 12. P Mahesh Says:

    pics are just awesome….thx for sharing….plan to take a similar trip soon

  13. 13. P Mahesh Says:

    Planning for 2 day picnic to Tamhini. pls suggest the good lodge/ resort/ hotel facility for 1 night stay with family

  14. 14. mahesh Says:

    we u planning to visit 2 days picnic in tamhini.pls suggest good resort with quality food for 1 night stay with family

  15. 15. rah Says:

    awesome pic………
    really would make someone free and feel the spiritual tranquility.

  16. 16. Ravi Says:

    After searching a lot abt the “Tamhini Ghat” I got really good guideline to visit this place.

    Good Post … :)

  17. 17. Rahul Says:

    Lai Bhari…. jaycha plan ahe… let c… :-)

  18. 18. Milind Says:

    Nice snaps…..:-)

  19. 19. Rama Says:

    jyotsana, the guy is giving information about the really wonderful places near pune, don’t you think one should encourage him rather saying ” I don’t think it is a great place for outing as there are many other wonderful spots available for one day picnic ……”.

    Nice information buddy, keep rocking.

  20. 20. sandip borade Says:

    these pictures inspires us and tell the beautyof the nature …..! Very good…!

  21. 21. Chaitra S B Says:

    Superb………..:) Track alredy changed………to……… pune…………:)

  22. 22. Sainath Says:

    Hi all tyvm for updating with all the necessary info about this place.Travelling to places is my hobby.its like we go for every quarter to different places and iam the organiser for my friends of 4.yep will plan for this place this jan or so ;)

  23. 23. Sainath Says:

    We been to jog falls this year in jan which is located in karnataka and also to murudeshwar temple on the beach.Temple was too good .Jog falls Which is also known as india’s largest water falls ever.The place was fabulous and the drive was superb.we drove about 3000 kms visiting different places by swift dezire ;)

  24. 24. Vijay Says:

    Lovely photos and post thanks

  25. 25. nikhil lanke Says:

    lay bhari………..

  26. 26. Geets Says:

    there is a dhaba just before thamini ghat starts……. Worth going during rainy season

  27. 27. neil Says:

    its awesome n green labeled in rainy season……

  28. 28. surendra Says:

    @neil : can you please tell us whether the roads are in good condition or not for bikers.?

  29. 29. Rajaram S Says:

    They are ok, though you might end up with a bad back if your suspensions are not good.

  30. 30. pankaj Says:

    Snaps are really good and info. is well explained !

    however I need some info regarding to drive on tamhini ghat. I want visit pune to Harihareshwar shive temple (and back to pune) with my family (wife, 1son, mom,dad) in maruti alto K10 car. Is this advisable to drive by Auto car having having small tyres (13 radius) but having nice pick-up (upto 100 km/h in 13 sec). What is best timing to leave pune for travel. And what all pre-cautions I need to take. Appreciate anyone can help me quickly! Thanks in advance !

  31. 31. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi Pankaj,
    It is best to leave very early in the day, maybe around 6.30-7 so that u avoid the city traffic.
    yes, your car is ok for it. But, 3 people in the back seat in your car might take a bit of a beating as the road is not very good.
    Another option is to go through Varandha/Bhor, roads are slightly better as there are many straight sections on that ghat.

  32. 32. almas mulla Says:

    Great guidance. willl visit tahamani soon

  33. 33. Jyoti Katira Says:

    Hello Mr Rajaram, yesterday I followed your trail and drove to Mulshi and beyond to Tamhini Ghats. It was a wonderful experience, saw a zillion waterfalls and greens of every shade. Thank you for sharing information about this beautiful place with us.

  34. 34. Tushar K Says:

    Good news for trekkers,

    Famous hotel chain of KAMAT’s has just opened their hotel just before mulshi Dam. We (total 3 families) enjoyed lunch and evening snacks (while coming back) in this hotel. (July 2012)

    The food is good. But the rates are high. However, for those who want to avoid unhygienic food in local restaurants … Kamat is the best.
    It is always better to spend more for hygienic food than to pay more to doctors.

  35. 35. kirti Says:

    can you please advice any hotel stay around Tamhini Ghat? Am looking forward to visit this or following weekend.

  36. 36. Rajaram S Says:

    Quick bites (has cottages too) is a good, albeit a bit expensive option

  37. 37. swati Says:

    very bad road,Marathis do not take care of nature

  38. 38. Rajaram S Says:

    Swati, if we had a highway through Tamhini, tamhini would have been a mess until now. There is no fun without an effort and nature is best when it is offbeat.
    Btw, Maharashtra is very impressive in the network of roads and the access to them. Any remote place has an access road and there is a ST bus to reach there!

  39. 39. gitanjali yadav Says:

    Good place

  40. 40. Sumit Says:

    Please Reply ASAP I heard Tamini gaht pune now as wildlife century due this reason not allowed to ppl to wait for waterfall and enojy its right newws please replay i want go this week end

  41. 41. Rajaram S Says:

    Not that i know of. i didn’t see any news mentioning that Tamhini has been made a sanctuary. Still u have the bottle-in-hand music-in-car types all over the waterfalls.

  42. 42. Avinash Says:

    We plan to go to the tamhini ghat for overnight picnic. is lodging available there?

  43. 43. Rajaram S Says:

    Avinash, there are multiple places which offer stay near Tamhini. You can check out Quick bites, which has an attached place.

  44. 44. Avinash Says:

    Thanks Rajaram

  45. 45. Mihir Says:

    I am new to pune and going first time on ghat ride and choose Pune-Varandha ghat-Shivtharghal-Tahimini-Pune route. Kindly let me know on below point.
    1) road condition of entire route 2) timing to be taken 3) View Spots 4) precaution to be taken.
    Myself, Wife and my one kid will be traveling by Brio.

  46. 46. Rajaram S Says:

    road condition would be average.
    Without photo stops, the entire drive would take at least 4hrs.
    The 6 km route to shivthargal is particularly bad in condition, but can be driven.
    Start early in the day as it is going to be a looong day for this route.
    Check ur spare tire :-) and have food in hand, as you dont have any good quality eatouts along the way.
    View spots; everywhere u turn is a view point!

  47. 47. saneet Says:

    We r bikers of Thane.Already visited Malshej ghat,Lonavala,Jawhar,Amboli ghat,Goa,Malwan,Vengurla…So dis upcoming Monsoon,In July Month 2014,We r planning for tamhini ghat & Varenda ghat.Pics are beautiful.So is the place Beautiful than Malshej ghat?Can we Njoy,As a group Admin.I have to look after my crew.
    Plz comment guys,who had visited this place….
    it should be paisa wasool

  48. 48. Anil Rawalekar Says:

    it is very very interesting location to visit by every year….!!!@!!!

  49. 49. Ashutosh Says:

    Hello Rajaramji
    I am a regular follower at your blog, however since last few months I am unable to have update from your blog, Hope you are still exploring the beauties around.
    Also I need to have a reference from you regarding my travel to Varanasi scheduled in the month of Sep-14, would you help me with some web references at varanasi.

  50. 50. JPS CHADHA Says:

    Very beautiful scenic place,endless spots to shoot. Every time you visit this place, you will find it more beautiful then the previous visit. I love this place.

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