Jul 20


This was the first outing after the rains had started. Having seen the “wet green” in photographs of the western ghats, my expectations were very high. Sinhagad lived up to these expectations. It was drizzling and most of the fort was covered in mist. The sun was peeping through small gaps in te clouds making the whole scene ethereal.


This was also the first “long” trip for the Xylo. Yeah 25 kms qualifies as a long trip in Pune! The drive was enjoyable and Xylo managed the bad roads pretty well.


Route from Pune to Sinhagad fort: It took more than an hour to reach the base of Sinhagad from Magarpatta. You have to reach Swargate to catch the Sinhagad road. To go to swargate from magarpatta, go on the solapur highway (big bazaar, krome route ). Keep on going on this road and you will reach Swargate . Keep going until you reach a T-junction. On this junction, turn left and immediately you should see a mahalaxmi temple on the left and a traffic signal right next to it. At this signal , turn right and you are on Sinhagad road. The route to sinhagad passes through Khadakwasla dam. The dam was not overflowing then. Even with less water, the dam was a pretty sight with lot of revelers enjoying the waves and eating corn!

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Even with just a week or so of the rains, the greenery on the way was worth watching. Once we reached the base of Sinhagad, the commercialisation of the place became obvious with so many jeeps vying to offer you a drive to the top, if you didn’t want to go by yourself.


The road to the top of the fort is steep and the condition of the road is also not so good. Particularly, the hairpin bends have been very poorly designed with no provision of any kind of banking. It was a thrilling experience to take the xylo (with 7 adults) to the top. On many turns, i was forced to stop because of some oncoming vehicle and it was tough to start again on the curve and many a time i started to screeching tyres.




We did make a lot of stops on the way for many photo sessions. Nearing the top of the hill, mist almost covered the entire place. One particular view was amazing. The whole valley was in the shade/mist with the sun showing through only on a small area in the middle. The photo below doesn’t do any justice to the actual scene, but it can give you an idea :-) have to start using RAW for all images from now on!








Once on the top, we had to get Akshara all dressed up, as it was quite chilly. This was our first outing with Akshara in Pune and it took quite a while to get Akshara in the sling. The last time she was in the sling was few months when she was much smaller! We didn’t spend long enough on the fort to explore it in its entirety, as we had some party to go to that evening. Anyway, this demo version was good enough to ensure that we visit again. More photos of the fort then.






written by Rajaram Sethuraman

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  1. 1. Sagar Says:

    Good Start…..thank you for directions.

  2. 2. Ian Langan Says:

    Lovely pics brought back a lot of very fond memories. Thank you for sharing.

  3. 3. sharmi Says:

    the picture brought back so many happy memories,wish if we can take our life back to cherish those moment again and again in life………

  4. 4. Omi Says:

    Best description of the sinhgad fort….thanks for sharing your exp with evrybody.

  5. 5. Sarika Salvi Vasudev Says:

    Thanks for putting up the detailed route to Sinhagadh and various other places around Pune. We are also based in Magarpatta and your directions will be a big help.

  6. 6. punam Says:

    me pune me janmi hu isliye mujhe punam khete hai sb vese mujhe sbse jada fav place pune hai or pune me katraj or i lov pune

  7. 7. shweta Says:

    nice description…keep writing and updating on such treks/visits by you

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    Very nice images of the greenery. Thanks for sharing those.

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    Great snaps! junya aathvani jage jhalya…nusta drushya baghanyaatach manaala kiti gaarva. Thanks for sharing.

  11. 11. Deepak Says:

    We are planning to visit sinhagad this weekend (sat-sun 2 jul – 3 jul). just wanted to know accomodation facilities/options at sinhagad. Should be economical for a group of 5

  12. 12. durwankur Says:

    Nice …. Pic …..

  13. 13. vinit Says:

    photography was excellent.& the brief information of the area gives us good guidence to visit the area

  14. 14. Ghanshyam Kapal Says:

    Nice Place…………….?

  15. 15. Pradeep Karve Says:

    Nice information and wonderful pics! Thanks for uploading.

    If you can help with some more information …..
    Up to what distance from the fort does the motorable road go?
    Is this road open all days of the week?
    What is the approximate distance (by road) from the base of the hill to the top?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. 16. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi Pradeep..i dont remember the distances in Kms..
    The motorable road goes right until the parking lot at the base of the fort..after that u have to climb through the darwazas for may be around 40-50 steps ..
    Road is open throughout , not late nights though
    Not sure abt the distnce. but from Donje (base village) it takes around 30 mins to the top.

  17. 17. R Taparia Says:

    Nice pics. Thanks for uploading. I have visited the place. It becomes so nice after rains.

  18. 18. anita lakkannavar Says:

    when i was saw these all pictures i really happy that how our nature is too greenery..

  19. 19. Deepali Jadhav Says:

    nice pic

  20. 20. ashwini khanna Says:

    Pls dont say 25Kms is a long trip in Pune,. Thats rubbish. I goto work every day and travel 20 kms in morning, and 20Kms back home.

  21. 21. Vivek Says:

    thanks for the narattion….very useful …good job

  22. 22. pavan Says:

    Hi !

    We went last year to singhgadh fort…but the roads were blocked…only paid cabs were going…we want to go tomorrow or next week…plz let us know if its open now..


  23. 23. Yogesh Musale Says:

    Hi everybody It is very nice place to visit in rainy season amazing…

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    good photography & good directions for going to sinhagad

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    thanks buddy. its neat, simple and very helpful

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    Nice Photos For Sinhagad Fort with Your Family
    good photography & good directions for going to sinhagad
    Everybody It is very nice place to visit in rainy season amazing…

    Santosh Manik Swami

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    Nice place to a have trip on weekend adventure place

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    nice description…keep writing and updating on such treks/visits by you

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    Nice pics & gr8 description … as always

    keep up the good work

  30. 30. anshul Mehta Says:

    i waana to visit this place with my bike. is it advisable to go with same?
    could you please help me in this regards.

  31. 31. Rajaram S Says:

    not an issue at all.

  32. 32. Asha Says:

    Nice blog. Thanks..

    One ques re Sinhgad, how much do you need to walk from the car park? Is this a difficult climb type of walk?

  33. 33. Rajaram S Says:

    Around 5 steps to the top. Once there, you can choose how much u want to walk around.

  34. 34. Shiva Says:

    I am planning to go to Sinhagad this weekend. Last month the motorable road was closed off because of Monsoon. Can someone please confirm if the road would be open now??

    Someone please help

  35. 35. rajesh Says:

    very nice photos,

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    Recently 3 months back under went engioplasty. How safe is it traveling by riksha?

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    hotos helped me to make a quick decision for this week’s visit. Visiting tomorrow morning…

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