Lonavala waterfall

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20 Responses

  1. SAHEEL says:


  2. sri krishna says:

    so beautiful place………….


    nice place

  4. sanjay pathak says:

    nice place

  5. Mukund says:

    Very good efforts taken by you. Want to suggest some places nearby,
    – Karla caves
    – Madhe Ghat, Upandya Ghat
    – Kune waterfall (Lonavala), Dukes Nose (Lonavala)

  6. pratibha says:

    I like lonawala.this place is very nic,beautiful.my husband and my doughter shrya ,my father and mom,and my dear pankaj bhaya and shilpa,aryan enjoyed the lonawal trip.

  7. Iranga says:

    Hi this place is very nice.Worldens @sri lanka also like this

  8. aruna says:

    Yesterday we went to lonavala with my 2kids they have enjoyed the trip,i will follow ur site i feel very happy,ur provided very useful and excellent information for everybody.

  9. vijay bagul says:

    Wow so Lovely water falls & beautiful scen

  10. Lovely Lovely lona wala.I like LONA WALA.

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