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During the monsoons, everywhere you turn, you see waterfalls in Lonavala. Why then a post called “Lonavala Waterfall”. This is the official lonavala waterfall, not just water which falls somewhere! A short climb after the Bushi Dam, you will come across a huge parking lot on the right with lot of shops selling the usual corn, pakodas and chai. From this parking lot, you have walk/trek/scamper down over the rocks to come to this waterfall.


I went to one of the shops and asked the way to the waterfall, as there were no signs. The guy at the shop nonchlantly pointed me towards the edge of the cliff and asked me “walk down there”, “there” –> edge of the cliff where water was falling off. I was not  convinced that this was the way as there was no path there, just random slippery boulders over which water was flowing at a steady speed.  Another shopkeeper also pointed in the same direction.



The rocks are actually not so slippery as they look. But, it was quite an experience to walk over the rocks when the water is also flowing. it would be quite difficult for old people to make it through. Once i reach the bottom, the waterfalls appeared on the right and the stream/river flowed to the left. There were people everywhere, really everywhere. But, it looked like fun. The flow was pretty fast and people enjoyed the mini-rapids. Some were even brave enough to go behind the falls and have a different perspective!


The view of the hills from the falls is amazing. You can frolic in the water and then just relax looking at the view!


Once you have had you fill of the waterfall (no pun intended), you can even go for a camel ride at the parking lot. i have no clue how or why a camel ride fits in here, of all places!


written by Rajaram S

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  1. 1. Khalid Salih Badri Says:

    I have been there in 1993, I spent 4 years in Lonavla & used to go to this area every week in mansoon, but that time there were no camels ! . Your web site reminded me of those old nice yeras, so whenever I have time I visit your it. If you put more photos it will of more value.
    Bahot shokria krem mera bayee .
    K.B – Sudan

  2. 2. Mustaneer Says:

    is this place near INS Shivaji

  3. 3. atul.arora Says:

    hi.. i like your photo too all good too be nice palce are………….

  4. 4. gajanan chidrawar Says:

    Hiiii… This Place is like heaven. so everyone should have to go at Lonavala atleast once.

  5. 5. mahesh Says:

    hi.. i wanted to know how to go to the lonavla water fall. The photos looks really nice and im really curious to visit this place.. So plz guide me.

  6. 6. Rajaram S Says:

    It is just below the Lion/Tiger point on the road from Bushy dam ot Amby valley.

  7. 7. manikant Says:


  8. 8. manikant Says:


  9. 9. Mounica Says:

    Wow soo Lovely water falls & beautiful scenary


  10. 10. Gislaine Says:

    Thank you for taking me on a”journey of nostalgia “.I was a boarder in Panchgani during WW2. And I still consider the western ghats the most beautiful place on earth. Continue posting your photos! Visit Lingmala, between
    Panchgani and Mahableshwar! God bless and thanks

  11. 11. Amol J Girhe. Says:

    Lovely Lovely lona wala.I like LONA WALA.

  12. 12. vijay bagul Says:

    Wow so Lovely water falls & beautiful scen

  13. 13. aruna Says:

    Yesterday we went to lonavala with my 2kids they have enjoyed the trip,i will follow ur site i feel very happy,ur provided very useful and excellent information for everybody.

  14. 14. Iranga Says:

    Hi this place is very nice.Worldens @sri lanka also like this

  15. 15. pratibha Says:

    I like lonawala.this place is very nic,beautiful.my husband and my doughter shrya ,my father and mom,and my dear pankaj bhaya and shilpa,aryan enjoyed the lonawal trip.

  16. 16. Mukund Says:

    Very good efforts taken by you. Want to suggest some places nearby,
    - Karla caves
    - Madhe Ghat, Upandya Ghat
    - Kune waterfall (Lonavala), Dukes Nose (Lonavala)

  17. 17. sanjay pathak Says:

    nice place

  18. 18. GUNESH KULKARNI Says:

    nice place

  19. 19. sri krishna Says:

    so beautiful place………….

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