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Bushi Dam is located a few kilometres from Lonavala and is a very (very very) popular weekend hangout for Pune’ites. When the Bushi dam overflows, the water flows over a series of steps and then over some easily accessible rocky terrian. The terrain and the water make for a fun combination and this is why Bushi dam gets extremely crowded on weekend. So crowded, that a first time vistor (like me) would be left searching for the “steps” which everyone talks about, only to realise that every inch of the steps have been occupied.



Every open space close to Bushi dam will have a board “Bushi dam parking” and there will be guys literally peeping inside your car and turning your steering wheel towards their parking. Thebest place to park would be beyond the dam (on coming from Lonavala) om the sides of the road. Parking on the road also helps you to get out of the place faster. There are no single/double yellow lines to bother you here.

To reach the dam, you have to wade through knee-deep water (depending on the water level). There are lot of shops selling rubber slippers which are more suited to the water/rocks rather than your expensive fake Nike shoes. But, i noticed that many were well prepared and had worn the worst slippers that they could find at home.


Bushi dam is so commercialized to the extent that there are a few dozen shops in the small area next to the dam selling anything from corn and pakodas to chai. You can relax on the steps and order them and they will be delivered to you right at your doorstep.


Overall, this is a good place to visit if you love getting wet from head-to-toe.



written by Rajaram S

35 Responses to “Bushi Dam in Lonavala”

  1. 1. Kingslin Says:

    please give me information for Bushi Dam any contact no to whom I contact for details

  2. 2. Farrah Says:

    I remember going to this place and realizing that I was wading in the same water that cows and other animals traipsed through. SHUDDER! I definitely took a thorough bath after returning home. I remember this being a fun place, but between the floating trash and the non visible but definitely existing pollutants, I’d say this is about an average place.

  3. 3. Mangesh Gopal Aayare Says:

    How to go there? Guide pls

  4. 4. Rajaram S Says:

    Mangesh, it is beyond Lonavala on the way to Ambey valley. Ask anyone in Lonavala and they will guide you.

  5. 5. shasha Says:

    I didn’t like bhushi dam as much…may be because i heard a lot about it…but if less crowded it can be fun to sit on the so called steps..:)

  6. 6. Umesh Says:

    Dear all,
    Take a cycle on hire @ Rs.5-10/Hr from “Famous Cycle mart” at Lonavla city (opp: A1 Chikki) & keep your clothes there itself (no valuables pls) & start cycling from there to Bhushi Dam for 8 km. It’s a damn gr8 fun driving cycle.

  7. 7. Ramesh S. Says:

    Is this place is enjoyable other than rainy season?

  8. 8. Rajaram S Says:

    not so much…

  9. 9. tanvi Says:

    its an awesome place its fun getting wet from head to toe i remember it ,it was my birthday when we went there………… :-) really good.

  10. 10. james bond52 Says:

    its a very nice place. its awesomeee. visitor should visit dis dam.

  11. 11. A.s Varekan Says:

    can we swim in the dam?

  12. 12. Sameer Pagare Says:

    So much excted after seeing these pics now I have to go there

    Can any one pls answer these Q?
    1) How to go there from Lonavla station?
    2) Is it safe for girls?
    3) Which is best month to visit?

  13. 13. Rajaram S Says:

    1) take an auto from the station
    2) yes, safe for everyone..it is a “family fun” place
    3) only during the monsoons. Otherwise, there is nothing out there

  14. 14. anaconda Says:

    yadjhava dam

  15. 15. Tejpal Says:

    yes…its Very good place…the waterfall behind dam is more enjoyable then steps….. for nature lover its very good location…

    I suggest to go to waterfall which is just behind bushi dam…

    any one have any idea whether lockers are available near bhusi dam so we can keep aur bags there….

  16. 16. Yogesh Shah, Sangli Says:

    Soon going there this mansoon

  17. 17. rahul Says:

    pls tell me about temp at lonavala in nov……

  18. 18. eva Says:

    can any one suggest us, whr we keep our bags at safe place near bhushi dam? is thr any locker systm? plz tell us can we hire bike on rental besis?

  19. 19. Rajaram S Says:

    i am not sure abt bikes, but yes there are lockers

  20. 20. shanthi Says:

    Its a nice place for weekend getaway…..almost every year we are visiting there….ofcourse crowd is there, but once if you want to go to nearer the waterfalls area, there not all the people visit…so u can enjoy there….we love it. we enjoyed.

  21. 21. venkatesh... Says:

    its an one day pic nick from Mumbai we can return in one day kya…..pls anyone

  22. 22. Rajaram S Says:

    yes, easily.

  23. 23. Srini Says:

    Hi Rajaram, want to travel with wife & son coming weekend 9th – 11th Aug(preferably 2N-3Day kind of trip, or at least 1N-2D) from Pune. Can we drive starting thro Tamini side and what would you suggest for o/n stays and places we could cover? Do you recommend a night halt in Lonavla? How is Matheran?

  24. 24. Rajaram S Says:

    Lonavala is beautiful but overcrowded. Also, stay in lonavala is expensive.
    Matheran has lot of stay options near the market. But , eveyr view point in Matheran has to be covered by walk.
    If you want to relax and just cover 1/2 pts , then Matheran is a gr8 option for a nature lover.

  25. 25. shailesh yadav Says:

    Hi just want to know there willl be the bike parking over there just reply me coz never gone from if somebody had gone just help me yaaar

  26. 26. Rajaram S Says:

    yes, lots of parking available

  27. 27. Karthik Says:

    Dear Rajaram
    Is this best place to visit during 25th – 29th July of this year.

  28. 28. Suraj Says:

    I have some question
    is it good in summer??????
    Is it safe for couple?????
    is there any changing room if we don’ get any room in hotel????

  29. 29. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  30. 30. Rajaram S Says:

    yes, of course

  31. 31. Amol Parekar Says:

    How to go there? Guide pls

  32. 32. charmi Says:

    I have a question..
    is there any changing room nearby bushi dam???

  33. 33. Rajaram S Says:

    Not that i know of.

  34. 34. roshan Says:

    what is a cost of lodge ?

  35. 35. Rajaram S Says:

    Roshan, there is no lodge there. Lonavala is the place to stay

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