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Kaas Plateau

105 Responses to “Home”

  1. 1. Pooja Sharma Says:

    Dear All,
    In India we have so many place to see & i got an opportunity to see the Pune city i feel very proud to see this places and feel very peace of mind.I have no words to express in words. All are very wonderful natural places which is still saved in naturally. Please at least visit once in our life and see all such amazing places.
    I Like most BUSHI DAM MY hole family enjoyed a lot.Even every place in lonavala and all above given temples are awesome,wonderful.

  2. 2. Ramu Says:

    thank you very much, for such a wonderful site. i am in total confusion until i saw this. hope this makes my stay in a memorable one.

  3. 3. Abbas Mala Says:

    You have really made a wonderful website. Its really remarkable and the photographs you have taken are just outstanding.

  4. 4. Dr Aarti Says:

    hello rajaram, i hv seen most of ur pics n information given by u at various site. they all seems to b awesome, i am planning to visit 2 morachi chinchali , nighoj n ranjangaon on weekends. so i juz want 2 knw 4rm u hw should i plan to, where should my 1 night stay be n how can i make it more enjoyment.

  5. 5. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi. No need for a overnight trip. Better to return to Pune.
    if you really need to stay, then go for one of the agri-resorts in Morachi Chincholi so that it can be your base.

  6. 6. dr sheetal joshi Says:

    hello sir
    this is really wonderful piece of information . just wanted to thank you i am planning a trip for a day with my kids . this site gave me good information thanks once again

  7. 7. priyanka Says:

    Very beautiful site…inspite of living in pune for so long i had not known dese places..thnks to u…as i will explore some of dese places with ma family

  8. 8. surender Says:

    best pune info site ever seen

  9. 9. phaneendra dvln Says:

    This is a great website and is my favorite.

  10. 10. Rajesh Sangani Says:

    Very nice pics so many beautiful places to visit…Good Information.

  11. 11. Sankara Narayanan Says:

    I stay in Mumbai & I intend traveling to Pune & visit the Balaji temple at Narayanpur next weekend. Can you suggest any other place nearby? How far is Narayanpur from Pune?( We will be driving to Pune)

  12. 12. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi, Pune to the temple would be around 60 kms (1-1.25 hrs). There are lot of other places nearby – Jejuri temple, many temples in sasvad or if u r driving, places close to bhor on the highway are very close

  13. 13. Shriram Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Very instructive information. I am planning to travel to Mumbai this weekend and would be spending around half day in Pune. Would it possible to cover Wai the other half day? Could you suggest place I can cover?

  14. 14. Rajaram S Says:

    Wai can be covered in half a day though it would mean that you would return to Pune late evening. The time to wai from Pune is approx 2 hrs (one-way)

  15. 15. Jithin Gopi Says:

    Thanks a lot. This is the best what one can expect. :)

  16. 16. Paritosh Says:

    Hello Mr.Rajaram,
    First of all i would like to thank you for sharing your expeditions with us.
    i am a resident of new delhi, though my native place is talegaon some 40 kms from pune. i hav never had a chance to spend some time exploring destinations near pune as most of the time i have come is to attend marriages or cermonies. luckily this year in august i am coming to pune for a whole 10 days with my wife and my son who is six months now. it would be a great help if you could guide me to some places near pune which could be adventurous, historic (would love to see forts and caves if weather allows during the said period and is comfortable and safe to travel with an infant)… i am sure you would help me chalk out a plan for my holidays .
    Awaiting for a reply soon.

  17. 17. nitu agrawal Says:

    sir, i am planning to go to pune for 10 days.my child is along with me.i saw your site and i am so confused because everything appear so beautiful that i cant decide in which places i will visit and which i have to leave.i dont think that i will go all these places within 10 days so pls guide me to make a memorable trip

  18. 18. Dheer Says:

    Thanks Rajaram. Very nice information and snaps. I guess we should have our own transport to better enoy these places. Any suggestions guys who have visited some of these places? And what will be the best time to visit?

    Is there any troop or group kind of arrangement possible for these kinds of visits.

  19. 19. shirisha rao Says:

    hello sir, I am from hyderabad. iam coming to pune to my cousin’s house. 3 days we will be staying in pune from there we are planning to go mumbai, i have children 6 years old and 1 year old. how can i plan my trip. plz suggest me.

  20. 20. Anita Gran's blog Says:

    Nice post! Thank you for providing great info. I like forward to your future posts. Keep up great writing.

  21. 21. Around Pune Says:

    Thats a nice list of almost all the places worth going in pune…my best experience so far has been the bike ride on the konkan stretch.

  22. 22. Almar N. Says:

    Really amazing photography of such captivating places. Thank you for sharing.

  23. 23. Lee paul Says:

    Hi really great site, love the images. mI off to Pune later this year in September, just can’t wait. Going as part of a small photography group and photography is the name of the game. Your images are great by the way.
    Thanks lee

  24. 24. akash Says:

    Thanks you for creating such a wonderful site. Such info is not available in any site.Hope I will be able to cover a few places this monsoon from your wonderful list.

  25. 25. deep Says:

    hey Rajaram, its reallly nice to have such a gr8 information available so easily, i need ur help, i wan to take my girlfriend to such a place which should be less crowdy , we have time from 8.30 to 2pm, we will be driving through car or two wheelar, awaiting for ur reply….plz help

  26. 26. Ram Says:

    Really very helpful information who are new to the city.
    Thank you so much for valuble info.

  27. 27. Vibhor Mangla Says:

    Hi Rajaram. This is undoubtedly a unique website. There are many places like hadshi temple or neelkantheshwar temple which i did not hear before but liked them. My parents are here for 2 weeks. We are planning to visit balaji,hadshi and neelkantheshwar temples. Really excellent work. Keep it up!!
    Thanks much!!

  28. 28. Vijay R Says:

    Hi Rajaram, Thanks a lot!
    I saw your website when I was searching for places around pune for weekend drive.
    And my search ends at http://www.placesnearpune.com/. I gone through all the sections of your website, Now my i10 and your posts making my weekends memorable. Till now I visited Sajjangadh-Thoseghar waterfalls, Tamhini Ghat waterfalls, Dive ghat, hudshi temple. Thanks.!!!!!!

  29. 29. Noopur Says:

    good places par dekhne me kya hai ghumne me maza hai

  30. 30. Vinod Kulkarni Says:

    Hi Raj,

    Fantastic website for travelers and adventurers. Good description and Photographs. You can say a complete guide to plan a trip or a weekend outing. Keep writing.
    Well Done :)

  31. 31. Prasanna Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    I must say that this is the best informative site ever about tourist places near Pune. I have become a fan of you and your website. I must congratulate you for your hobby of exploring new places and for those awesome pics. I am also found of visiting new places and use my camera a bit; but due to time and vitamin M restrictions can’t persue my likings freely. However, through your website I make sure to visit each place virtually :-) . Thanks a lot for this site and may god bless you and your family.
    You may also like to visit- Devgad datta temple,garden of paithan(replica of vrundavan garden ,B’lore) fort Torana and rajgadh(first two forts of Shivaji Maharaj- very challenging to trek),Bheemashankar etc..give it a thought..and post the expereinces :-)

    Keep it up and cheers…

  32. 32. Random Says:

    awesome site..!!

  33. 33. Hanuman Dube Says:

    Really nice and informative site.Thanks for the same Mr.Rajaram.

  34. 34. Girish Says:

    Fantastic blog, what are the options for stay at kaas

  35. 35. Sudhir Dhawade Says:

    Really Amazing / Great / Fantastic / & etc……. Site.
    You are the real Guide of Pune.
    Thank for this design

  36. 36. Hariharan Says:

    Hi Rajaram … Great upgrades to the site .. The Link “Kundalika River” seem to be going to a wrong link .. or am I mistaken ?

  37. 37. Rajaram S Says:

    Thanks Hari, corrected. Though technically, this waterfall is within the Tamhini Ghat region only :-)

  38. 38. Dinesh Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Thanks for this wonder full information provided. I’m following ur site near about a year now whenever my friends or family plans for trip the first thing i do is checking ur website which is the best place to visit with family and with friends.

    Recently we went to Karde beach by taking the info from this site, starting from Route to Place where to stay for night. Its amazing and hats off to you man.

    I think u also stays at magarpatta because once i’ve seen you in Destination Centre and by the time I’ve come to talk, you just drove off.

  39. 39. Rabikant Thakur Says:

    Thank you very much Rajaram for such wonderfull informations share with us.

  40. 40. purva Says:

    please suggest a one day trip near pune on 30th december 2012

  41. 41. Irshad Says:

    Thanks for wonderfull information.

  42. 42. chetan Says:

    I found this site very useful during my visit to Baneshwar. Thank you.

  43. 43. Pankaj Says:

    Hello Rajaram, really Great work! Is it your love for Pune or, ur ability to design website which can be used with so much of ease or both? Such a detail work on information,ease 2 chose kind of tour to make,great pics of places. I am in love with Pune n ur site after i seen ur work.keep it on n Thank you very much!

  44. 44. Monika Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning a trip for an overnight stay with my office team. We are looking for options other than beaches and have already been to mahabaleshwar, panchgani, lonavala, khandala . Please suggest.
    Thanks in advance.

  45. 45. Rajaram S Says:

    Matheran is a good place for long walks with a team. Or a picnic trip to lonar with camping.

  46. 46. Omkar Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    its really a very nice site…
    as it will help all those who loves to travel….

  47. 47. Akshay Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    This is really good website good job done. I’m using it like a handbook or a ready reckoner so to speak. Keep up the good work & hope to see more interesting places on the site.


  48. 48. karthik Says:

    Dear sir,
    my family is coming from tamilnadu.so we are planning to see some temples in pune. Meanwhile we planned already for shirdi temple. so kindly suggest me some temples nearby pune ( around 2 to 3 hrs).
    Waiting for your reply.

    Thank You.

  49. 49. Dr.Manisha Jhawar Says:

    We have planned a 5 day trip beginning from Pune, we shall be leaving for Bhimashanker temple at 8.30 a.m. from Railway station shall stay there overnight and leave for Mahabaleshwar in the morning and would be staying there for 3 nights then leave for Lavasa and catch our train from Pune. We are a group of 16 people 5 senior citizens, 4 young adults and 7 children could you guide about must see places and places which can be covered on the way form Bhimashanker- Mahabaleshwar. A place for lunch too as it is a long drive from Bhimashanker to Mhabaleshwar. Thanking you in anticipation.

  50. 50. sharmi paul. Says:

    I will go Pune for 7days.I want to see some interesting places in Pune and Mumbai.please suggest me some famous places .

  51. 51. Seth Says:

    It’s a real good and informative site. Thanks for all the detailed info.

    One question – are these places near Pune worth visiting even in summers?
    Any recommendations for summer weekends? We are planning to travel with our 4 year old.

    Thanks again for the good content.

  52. 52. Abhishek Singh Says:

    Wonderful site dear…planning to visit some of them soon….:)

  53. 53. Prashanth Nair Says:

    Just about a week ago, I was trying to find a good weekend getaway. Being rather new to Pune, I wasn’t aware of many places..This website illustrates it so very well..amazing photographs, very good detailing..Thanks rajaram for doing such a wonderful job of it!!

  54. 54. Sunil Koloti Says:

    Amazing and a wonder site…Rajaram.
    Really good locations to visit which I have not explored…will be doing soon…cheers & thanks..:-)

  55. 55. Satish Kachare Says:

    First of all,
    Thanks a lot Mr. Rajaram..!!!
    This is a very beautifully compiled data.
    I have came across so many sites that are full of advertisement only. But this one is very different. It literally drives you through the places. You have not just listed and named the places. This one has provided context too. You must have taken a lot of efforts to compile this.

    Very nice work

  56. 56. Bhavin Says:

    Sir, I would like to know about ‘Dapoli’. If you have any information could you please pass on to me like how do i reach over there and what all beaches are worthy to visit. I am planning my trip for 2 days and 2 nights. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

  57. 57. Rajaram S Says:

    Dapoli as such is a good place. if you want to stay away from the crowds, go to Karde beach which is 10 kms away from Dapoli. Beautiful beach, not too many crowds, all te resorts are on the beach itself. We stayed in hotel sea face, but u can stay in any of the resorts.
    Check out my post on karde -> http://www.placesnearpune.com/2011/11/karde-beach-near-dapoli-konkan-coast/

  58. 58. Pradeep Paul Says:

    We are planning a one and half visit to kaas lake and surroundings. We plan to leave early morning the first day. See bit of Satara en-route, move on to Kaas lake, spend this and next day there and move back day after.
    Could some one suggest what places can we visit?

  59. 59. Rajaram S Says:

    Pl go to the weekend planner page and choose Satara. You have lot of options.

  60. 60. Sunitha Raghavan Says:

    Your website was useful to plan my one week stay in Pune. Right now I am into my 4th day still seeing places inside Pune city. The most striking thing for me is the ease with which you can believe and use autos (keeping in mind that I am from Chennai which is notorious for its bad auto transport). I just want to add some basic information for tourists like me.
    1.The zoo is pathetic now. It may have been good before. 2.There is no mention in any website on Pune about the Joshi Rail Museum on Kothrud. Children will enjoy it. It is one of a kind in India. 3. The Agakhan palace was a bit disappointing because the room that Bapu used is visible only through a glass door. 4. Shaniwar Wada has a sound and light show in English from 8-9pm except on Tuesdays.
    I will add more useful comments, if any when I finish my trip.

  61. 61. Rajaram S Says:

    Thanks Sunitha. regd the places you mentioned 1) The zoo was always pathetic (check my post on it) 2) I have been to that rail museum, but lost all the pics because of HD crash. 3) The env in Aga Khan palace is good. Good that the room is locked otherwise only paan stains would remain. 4) have been to shaniwar wada, but not to the show (will do so).
    thx for the info.

  62. 62. Marcel van de Wouw Says:


    Just wondering if I could use some of these photos for my puzzle website http://www.digipuzzle.net, saw you were a puzzler too, so perhaps I am lucky :-)


  63. 63. Karthik Says:


    This is one of the best websites I have seen so far, it gives whole lot of information about places around pune. Thanks for such an awesome work.

    I am planning to go for a trip to Bushi Dam,Lonavala with my family. Can you please enlighten me how to reach there and any places I can cover that are around Bushi Dam.

    Thanks in advance,

  64. 64. Rajaram S Says:

    Hi, to enjoy Bushi dam, you have to wait until the rains start. Otherwise, it is pretty dull out there.
    beyond Bushi dam, you can continue the drive up the ghat which will take you to many view points.

  65. 65. kavitha Says:

    Everytime i visit your page, it compels me to travel!! Its just too good!!! I didnt know abt the park in sahakarnagar!! Will surely cover it in coming wknds!!

    And waiting for something new to be explored by you, so that we can follow trail :), , especially as the monson is just around the corner!! :)

  66. 66. farah Says:

    Hey guys
    Mahabaleshwar is breath taking , mind blowing place. After reaching the Sati point your soul will speak out – THIS IS WHERE I ALWAYS WANTED TO BEEEE. When there are places so enchanting in our own country , why go to foreign places of the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  67. 67. Shrishail Says:


    Can any one tell me palaces near pune around 200km.. I like to visit hill stations and falls and trekking places..

  68. 68. sandeep Says:

    nice site getting lots of information about lots of places for picnic & for adventure activities.

    Ganesh Wallpaper

  69. 69. Vikas Says:


    I am planning for 1 day picnic this weekend by taxi. I live in Pune. I am preferring 300 kms package option which cost around 2000 rs. Hence can you plz suggest some gud places that can be covered in 300 kms. Also since it is 1 day picnic, do u suggest weekdays or weekend? Thanks…Waiting for your reply

  70. 70. Divesh Gaurav Says:

    Nice discription about most of the surrounding area of Pune, i think this is not known to most of the people who are originally from there. I was in pune for 6 years ,still not so much of information.

  71. 71. sachin balekar Says:

    This is very systematically designed site.

  72. 72. shashank Says:

    Reply to Vikas: The site has covered most good spots except Kolhapur which is max 4hr drive, has historical past with a fort (Panhala) & the famous Mahalaxmi temple known as Dakshin Kashi. Kolhapuri mutton is famous as is it’s Misal, Vada, Gur & chappals. Palaces are a must see.

  73. 73. Abhishek Javali Says:

    Dear Rajaram,

    My brother is studying in Pune n i am frm Karnataka so once in three months me n my family go visit him n go for a holiday on the weekend pre planned n for now we’ve explored mahabaleshwar n now request u to suggest the next best destination where we can cuddle into nature n enjoy a weekend in a resort n m confused between lonavala,khandala n panchgani.

    Reply soon i leave tom :)

  74. 74. Kardam Doshi Says:

    Hi, above list has helped me a lot to know new places. Can you please add “Lavasa” and “Beautiful Sangameshwar Temple of Lord Shiva at the bank of Bhama River” in above list? Thanks.

  75. 75. Rajaram S Says:

    if it is abt nature/relaxing, then i would suggest Matheran. Good dose of nature now.
    but if u want to visit view points in Matheran, you have to walk/use a horse as vehicles are not allowed there

  76. 76. Gruhkhoj Says:

    Hi, its very helpful blog for tourists and all other readers.. I love this place most and always enjoying for picnic to Bushi Dam, thoseghar, waterfalls etc…

  77. 77. Prasad L Says:

    Hi, very useful info to plan a day’s trip. Keep up the good work. Keep updating.

  78. 78. Camper Says:

    I came across this campsite near Pune on NH4 at about 30kms from Pune. The site has forest on one side and landscaped garden and mango, chikoo plantation on the other side.
    Teakwood Camping Resort is good for a day trip or overnight camping experience in tent. They provide food for all the times and has lots of activities. Trek in Jungleis not too difficult not too easy. It could take 1/2 day.

    Other activities like outdoor games like Volley Ball, Cricket or nicely done up tent area with hammock by the tent, rope climbing and evening with camp fire, barbecue and star gazing was also great.

    If you are a camping enthusiast, I recommend check out teakwoodcamping.com It is one of the DESIGNATED camping site very close to Pune….. Go camping….

  79. 79. kiran Says:

    i am from bangalore , planning to visit pune and near by hill stations for 5 -6 days, how is climate, let me know travelling plan and accommodation details

  80. 80. deep patel Says:

    we r come pune 15this month our child with us so suggest me any good plce for enjoy masti clubbing

  81. 81. Swapna Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    This is indeed one of the best websites we (my family and I) have ever chanced upon..!! :) Great work..!!
    We plan to drive from Pune to ‘Bamnoli Village near Satara’ for a day trip and were wondering if there are any vegetarian restaurants in and around Bamnoli or if we need to drive down to Satara for food or pack lunch. Could you please help us with this piece of information? – Thank You very much :)

  82. 82. Jakir Pinjari Says:

    Hi Rajaram,
    Awesome pictures. This website has all the information at one place. We have not found everything around Pune at one place except this website. Explore more and more…thanks for this wonderful page..keep updated… :)

  83. 83. Sachin Potdar Says:

    Thanks Rajaram for sharing such a wonderfull Informaiton, i regulerly visit your site.
    with the information of your site i have visited most of the location near to pune.
    Great job Dude. Hats off to you !!!!

  84. 84. Chintan Badshah Says:

    This is really a very helpful website , with all details provided in a single point.
    Looks to see more and more places like Ashtavinayak Mandirs, Saswad , Jejuri and more . A more reliable website than any thing else.

    Great initiative.

  85. 85. Kshitij Lawate Says:

    Hi Rajaram, I must really great website. I do visit it atleast once a week since I have first visited your website.
    Just wanted to ask have you visited Pashan lake. Actually i searched a lot on internet, but could not find good info about it.

  86. 86. Rakmoddin Inamdar Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Your blog are simply awesome and lot of details provided which really help us to explore Pune.I alway refer your blog for my travelling around pune.
    I am a locality but not visit all the places yet..:-P.

    Thanks for sharing details.


  87. 87. P Patel Says:

    Hi Rajaram,

    Firts of all this is very informative and inspiring site. I am planning to visit somewhere in less then 80 Kms around pune next weekend.

    Can you please suggest best place with family by car 80 kms around pune? I have already visited Mahabaleshwar, Prati sai baba, Prati pandharpur, Narayanpur Balaji, ISKCON, Sinhgad fort, pauna dam, panshet dam, khadakwasla dam, lonavala, all caves like Karla, bedse and bhaja etc.

    Pls suggest something which family can enjoy in summer.

    P Patel

  88. 88. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email.

  89. 89. P Patel Says:


    Thank you for the prompt reply. Did not receive the email you sent. Can u please resend on another id mentioned?

    P Patel

  90. 90. Ameya Says:

    Hi RR,
    Yesterday went to Ram Tekdi.
    Its the hill opposite to Kirlosker factory , on other side of Hadapsar road.
    Car goes right to the top…
    Nice temple and a place to visit for a eve.

  91. 91. Rajaram S Says:


  92. 92. Raghvendra Sen Says:

    hi Sir,

    I want to plan this coming long weekend for 3 days for places near pune.

    Can you please let me know where I can plan for.

    Raghvendra Sen

  93. 93. NEHA Says:

    Hello sir
    My grandparents are coming to pune for a week.They dont want to go to temples.They want to visit ambey valley , hill stattions etc.My grand father is a heart patient so they are unable to walk and climb stairs.Please suggest goof itinerary for them ,As they have total 8 days..Waiting for your reply..

  94. 94. R Sharma Says:

    Pls let me know few places to visit in summer with my kids.

  95. 95. Rajiv Says:

    Hi Rajaram
    Very informative site and wonderful pics.
    We plan to go for a day trip next weekend.. any suggestions for suitable places during this hot season :-)

  96. 96. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  97. 97. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

  98. 98. Zahil Says:

    Hi Rajaram
    Thanks for sharing this very useful information.
    We plan to go for a day/two day trip this or next weekend with kids.. I would like to have your suggestions for suitable places during this hot season :-)
    Please share your suggesions.


  99. 99. Rajaram S Says:

    Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani would be a good option, as there are multiple things to do
    - View points (early morning/evening)
    - Shopping (Mahab market)
    - Lot of food options including Mapro in Panchgani

  100. 100. Naresh G Says:

    Hi Rajaram JI
    The site is very informative but still confused as i am planning for a weekend trip with my wife and daughter but not able to decide due to scorching heat of May.Can you pls. guide me which will be the best place in May to visit with small kids.

  101. 101. Anjali Says:

    We want to spend weekend somewhere around Mumbai where the loge and food facilities are best since having 2yrs child with us. interested in nature, want to avoid places nearby or in Pune.
    Please, reply.

  102. 102. Anandakumar R Says:

    We (Me, My wife, My brother and My Sister) plan to visit pune in August month between 14-18 August. On 17 and 18, plan for Shirdi temple. Can you suggest for the rest of the days and also, the place near to Shirdi where we can enjoy on the way from pune to shirdi ?

  103. 103. Dnyaneshwar Gorad Says:

    27. Dnyaneshwar Gorad Says:
    November 22nd, 2013 at 3:21 pm
    Hi Rajaram,

    Thank you very much for this information. According to given details I visit there with my hole family. Such a nice place is this really all are enjoy.

    Also thanks for given all the places near pune.
    Now I am planning for three day tour for the all places near Pune and I will start from Balaji Mandir at kapurhol. so will you please suggest the route and places so that I can plan for my tour of all the places near pune.
    Thanks & Regards

  104. 104. Pavan G Says:

    Dear Rajaram,
    I m live in pune and plan for 2nights 3days plan. My wife is preganant so can u suggest me any place where as I also tace care of wife and holiday also.
    Pl waiting for ur reply.
    Pavan G.

  105. 105. Rajaram S Says:

    replied on email

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